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Late Night: Jennifer Lopez talks divorce with David Letterman

January 31, 2012 |  9:54 am
David Letterman, not afraid to pry about Jennifer Lopez's divorce.

You have to give him credit: David Letterman is never afraid to pry.

When Jennifer Lopez stopped by "The Late Show" Monday night to plug her new Spanish-language talent show, "Q'Viva! The Chosen!," Letterman grilled the "American Idol" judge about her pending divorce from Marc Anthony. 

In his typically roundabout fashion, Letterman asked if there was any chance for an Anthony-Lopez reconciliation: "Having been through a divorce myself, I know that at some point you would think, 'Oh, is it worth all the anguish and the heartbreak. Why don't we just try it over again?'" 

Lopez didn't bite. "Try the same one over again? I don't know what you mean," she said.

Letterman then asked Lopez how many times she'd been married, no doubt a sore spot for the thrice-wed star. While most mere mortals would blanch at the idea of asking J. Lo such a pointed question, Letterman pretended as if he genuinely didn't know the answer. It's one of Letterman's favorite tricks: feigning ignorance so that his questions doesn't seem quite so aggressive. 

"A couple ... I believe in love," Lopez replied.  

Letterman then asked Lopez what it's like working with her soon-to-be-ex on "Q'Viva."

"It's fun because we know each other so well, but it has its moments. The same things that didn't really work ... sometimes come up," she said, ramming her fists together. 

Barbara Walters-like, Letterman seized upon this detail. "But what are those things? I want to know if those are the same things for you as they would be for anybody."

"Communication. You're talking and you don't agree on something and then you're like, 'Oh, be quiet,' " Lopez explained, breaking into nervous laughter.

Letterman pushed her to clarify. "So Marc would say 'Be quiet' to you?" 

"No," Lopez admitted bashfully, confirming what we knew all along: Nobody puts J. Lo in the corner. 



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— Meredith Blake

Photo: Jennifer Lopez chats with David Letterman Monday night. Credit: Jeffrey R. Staab / CBS/Associated Press