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'Top Chef: Texas': Haven't we seen that cake before?

December 8, 2011 |  7:30 am

Top Chef Texas
Was that a snake in the grass? Or is Heather an even bigger conniver than Sarah?

After a few weeks of fledgling mediocrity, the remaining 13 chefs in “Top Chef: Texas” revealed some of their true colors Wednesday night. The cooking was so dismal that lead judge Tom Colicchio said he had no trouble sending a cook home.

Even on the scale of “Top Chef” disasters, Whitney’s uncooked potato gratin (just the kind of cool side dish you want when it’s more than 100 degrees outside) was an epic fail — a bad idea poorly executed. And when you’re grilling steaks in Texas, as Ty-Lör did, it’s probably best to cook them just a shade more rare than a 20-year-old horse saddle.

But what really caught our eye was Heather’s demeanor. We had just started warming to her when she recycled her Quinceañera cake from three weeks ago, passing off as her own creation a dish that is actually based on Edward’s recipe. She compounded her error by calling out Beverly in the stew room and generally acting like a bully in the kitchen.

Chris J. cooked a delicious steak salad, Grayson excelled in the Quickfire with her scallop ravioli, and Nyesha, having stumbled early with her sauces, redeemed herself with a compound butter.

We’re at that point where it’s possible to discern the winning (and unlikable) personalities more so than their cooking. We continue to root for both Chris J. and Chris C., but we’re off the Heather bandwagon. She and Sarah deserve each other, but we’re not sure if it’s physically possible for them to throw each other under the bus at the same time.


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Photo:  Heather Terhune in "Top Chef: Texas." Credit: Vivian Zink/Bravo