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Late Night: Stephen Colbert shows off his ballet dancing skills

December 8, 2011 |  9:27 am

The Colbert Report
As he likes to remind his viewers on a nightly basis, Stephen Colbert a man of many talents. A quick-witted comedian and astute political thinker with a melifluous singing voice, Colbert is also, it turns out, a talented ballet dancer.

On his show Wednesday, Colbert welcomed David Hallberg and Hee Seo of the American Ballet Theatre, who were there to perform a selection from Tchaikovsky's holiday favorite,"The Nutcracker."

It was all very tasteful and dignified, that is until Colbert decided to join in. Dressed in a conservative dark blazer and a pair of semi-sheer ballet tights, Colbert hopped and flitted about the stage, pausing once to draw attention to his (ahem) codpiece. As snowflakes fell from the ceiling, Colbert caught ballerina Seo and gracefully dipped her toward the ground.

It wasn't the most highbrow moment in the history of "The Colbert Report," but the dance did prove one thing: Men in tights are always funny.

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"The Nutcracker" Ballet Performance
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— Meredith Blake

Photo: A screen grab of David Hallberg and Stephen Colbert. Credit: "The Colbert Report" / Comedy Central.