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'The Walking Dead' recap: 'Good thing we didn't do anything stupid'

November 7, 2011 |  6:27 am

The Walking Dead

So all those theories about what secret Jenner whispered to Rick back at the CDC appear to have been spot on: it looks like Lori is expecting. Apart from her positive pregnancy test, though, not so much happened on Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead," "Cherokee Rose." Shane is grappling with his guilt over shooting Otis, Carl is on the path to recovery, Glenn and Maggie hooked up, and, of course, that whole hauling-the-zombie-out-of-the-well plan didn't really pan out.

As the episode begins, Daryl, Dale, Andrea and Carol head out to Hershel's Farm, where everyone gathers to remember Otis and praise him for his sacrifice, not knowing, of course, that Shane is responsible for his death. Hershel leads the service, and Shane looks stricken as he lies to the others about the man's final moments. He does say one truthful thing: Without Otis, Shane never would have made it out alive, and Carl would most likely be dead too.

Survey map in hand, the group decides to properly organize a search for Sophia, while Shane proposes that a weapons training session might be in order. Hershel objects, saying he has a strict policy against firearms. Hershel also tells Rick that once they find the girl and Carl is well enough to travel, he and his people will need to move on. After a couple of conversations about religion, faith and fatherhood, Hershel agrees to reconsider his request that the travelers go, but only if Rick and the others agree to abide by his rules (he does not state what those rules are).

Daryl sets out to look for Sophia on his own, while Maggie announces that she's going to the pharmacy a mile up the road to pick up supplies. Rick suggests that accompany her, and Lori asks Glenn to pick her up something special from the feminine hygiene aisle — and to be discreet about it. But before they can head out, Dale and T-Dog find a zombie in one of the five wells on Herhsel's property. They try to lure him out with a canned ham, and when that doesn't work, they send Glenn down the shaft as bait. (They can't simply shoot the walker in the head because its remains would contaminate the water supply, presuming his mere presence hadn't already done so.)

Naturally, the pump they're using as an anchor breaks, putting Glenn in jeopardy. Fortunately, he's able to lasso the zombie before the others pull him to safety, and the group sets to work hoisting the monster over the side. Unfortunately, the walker's lower body becomes stuck and the zombie rips in half, sending intestines and all tumbling back down the well. "Good thing we didn't do anything stupid like shoot it," T-Dog says.

Glenn and Maggie journey to the pharmacy, where Glenn splits off to grab the pregnancy test for Lori under the guise of picking up general supplies. When Maggie surprises him, he shoves the test in his bag and, frazzled, he grabs a box of condoms. That results in sputtering cover talk and a surprising sexual encounter, though on the way back to the farm, Maggie makes it clear that their dalliance was a one-time thing.

At the highway, Shane, Andrea and Carol leave a message for Sophia on a car windshield, telling the girl that should she make it back to wait there for help, that they will return to check for her every day. They have reason to be hopeful: During his scouting trip, Daryl finds a deserted old farm house with evidence that someone human has been there recently. He keeps his discovery to himself, though, surely for fear of raising false hope. He does bring Carol a Cherokee rose to lift her spirits and tells her he believes it's blooming for her daughter.

Rick and Carl share a nice father-son moment, when he confesses to the boy that he lied to him when he told Carl that Sophia was safe, that he simply didn't want to worry his son. But Rick assures the boy that he truly believes they will find the girl, and he gives his hat to Carl. Meanwhile, Lori heads out to the field to take the test and confirms her suspicions that Carl might soon be in the position to play older brother to a new (half?) sibling.

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— Gina McIntyre

Photo: Steven Yeun as Glenn and Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori in Sunday's episode of 'The Walking Dead' Credit: AMC.