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'WWE Monday Night Raw' recap: The Rock responds to John Cena

November 1, 2011 |  7:12 am


This week on "Monday Night Raw", the Rock responds to John Cena's request that they team up to face the treacherous duo of the Miz and R-Truth. Apparently the Rock also missed all the news releases in the last month where WWE announced he was going to say yes. Also, the Muppets appeared in more of the show than any wrestler did.

The Good: CM Punk continues to be money on the mic. One of the reasons this is true is he does the little things a lot of wrestlers don't do nowadays. When he is interacting with someone verbally, he actually listens and responds facially to what they are saying, rather than standing there statue-like waiting to recite his next line. The first Muppets segment — with Kermit, Miss Piggy, Jack Swagger and Vickie Guerrero — was outstanding, particularly when Kermit referred to Vickie as Swagger's mother.  Another plus: They kept the screen time for John "Human Fast-Forward Machine" Laurinaitis to a minimum. Final plus: Though they have bungled Rock's return the last two weeks, any promo with the Rock is gold. I'm not sure why he wanted to be seen with a gray beard, but otherwise, he cut a great promo for Survivor Series and made you want to pony up the dough to buy that pay-per-view. Until WWE ruined it at the end.

The bad: Why have your champion, Alberto Del Rio, lose cleanly to the Big Show, a guy who is not even on the Raw roster? And then have CM Punk come down and put Del Rio in a submission move until he agreed to give him a title match? So you now have a weak champion being challenged by a weak challenger. Wow, can't wait to see that match.

Cody-KermitThe ugly: The Diva Battle Royale. Why bother sending half of the women out there when they have nary a speck of athletic ability. Some of the kicks in the match were laughable, since they were delivered in slow motion.

The mystifying: So, last week Cena gets attacked by Miz and R-Truth, and is so mad and fearful that he asks the Rock to team up with him to vanquish this dastardly duo. However, the main event of Monday's show was Cena vs. the Miz, one on one. What happens? Cena pins Miz clean in the center of the ring despite getting attacked outside of the ring by R-Truth. To make matters worse, Truth enters the ring to attack Cena after the match, and Cena beats him up too. So what's the point of Rock coming in and helping him, if Cena just showed he can beat both of them by himself? Does anyone writing these shows pay attention from one week to the next?


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— Houston Mitchell

Top photo: Animal (no, not Road Warrior Animal, but Muppets Animal) rings the bell before a match on Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE

Bottom photo: Kermit the Frog with WWE superstar Cody Rhodes. Credit: WWE