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Late Night: Chelsea Handler pushes, but Miss Piggy keeps it clean

November 22, 2011 |  9:23 am

On Monday night Chelsea Handler scored one of the biggest celebrity "gets" of her career when she interviewed  Miss Piggy, star of "The Muppets."

Handler is known for her raunchy shtick, and even though she was talking to a muppet, she didn't hold back. She steered the conversation toward the subject of Miss Piggy's "interesting relationship" with Kermit the Frog.

Miss Piggy, perceptive gal that she is, sensed that Handler was prying for dirt. "What's the question?" she asked.

"The question is, has there been penetration?" Handler said.

Ever the lady, Miss Piggy tactfully changed the subject by making a bad pun. "I like to call it 'penne a la vodka,'" she said. "We're so busy, there's not even focaccia bread."

Having interrogated Miss Piggy about her sex life, Handler moved on to yet another sensitive topic.

"Would you describe your body as plus-sized?" she asked.

Miss Piggy replied, "If by 'plus' you mean I have an extra fabulous, gorgeous, give-me-some-of-that figure, then yes. If you mean 'fat,' then no."

It's nice to see that she hasn't lost her spark.


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— Meredith Blake