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'Biggest Loser': Will Bob's prediction come to pass?

November 23, 2011 |  2:51 pm

The knives are out on "This Biggest Loser." And they're not just for the Thanksgiving turkey.

This week started out like it was all about the holidays, with the trainers and players gathered around the holiday table enjoying a healthful Turkey Day dinner. (There's still time to make it happen, folks! And then you and yours can rewatch "The Biggest Loser" reunion-esque special airing Wednesday night on NBC.)

But back to this week: For the first time ever, we got a glimpse into Bob's personal life. Specifically, his sister's long-standing struggle with her weight, and the toll that it takes on Bob that he hasn't been able to help her. Vinny also shared about his challenging childhood, and it all seemed to strike a kumbaya chord.

It wasn't long, however, before the competitors were at each others' throats.

Or, perhaps it would be more apt to say John and the rest of the players were at each others' throats. Game-play had a lot to do with it. John won a 1-pound advantage at the weigh-in, along with Vinny, who went into it with a 3-pound advantage. But John's edge came with a cost: He had to dole out a 1-pound disadvantage to someone.

Now, all the nicey nicey-face stuff that took place early on might point to giving Vinny the disadvantage, because that would still leave him with a two-pound advantage at the weigh in. Except that John must have been feeling uncertain about his prospects so he decided to sink one of the ladies, hoping it would guarantee him a spot above the yellow line.

He was right.

That decision sent Sunny below the yellow line with Ramone. And then, John delivered the death blow. He voted again to send Sunny home. Only this time, he made it all about how he needed to go toe-to-toe with Ramone and wasn't afraid of him, blah blah blah. (If that were really true, maybe he should have given the excess poundage to Ramone?) It was all too much for Antone, who flipped his lid and called John out for not playing a "gentleman's game."

Speaking to the media during Wednesday's conference call, Ramone said he just sat back and watched the squabbling and noted that it was game-play on both sides, not just John's. He said he's determined to win his way back into the finale by winning the Biggest Loser marathon. He also said he has long-term plans with Jessica on his mind, but said he nonetheless wants to take things slow so they can get to know each other better. (Note to Jessica: Please don't stomp all over Ramone's heart. But if you do, there will be a long list of ladies waiting to pick up the pieces for the man with the gleaming smile. And note to Ramone: You clean up good.)

But here's what was the most striking moment in this week's episode: Bob's prediction that John could end up gaining back all the weight. What do you think?

It came when Bob and Antone were working out in the gym, and Bob noted that John is never happy, never satisfied. "He is not going to rest until he's made it into the finals ... he hasn't achieved what he is trying to achieve. That is all he can think about."

To which Antone responded, "If you can't celebrate it then you don't think you've achieved anything. And if you don't think you've achieved anything, it will be that easier to go back."

And that's when Bob said it: "That's exactly right. I'll tell you this, I'll tell you this right now as as I'm standing here in front of you, mark my words: He will gain everything back, every bit of it."

So, do you think Bob was speaking the truth? Or was he trying to get into Antone's head? Bottom line: You know Bob wants a black team victory at the finale.

And finally: For those wondering why Anna Kournikova is leaving the show. The Daily Mail offers up this tantalizing possibility.


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Photo: Ramone, left, John and Sunny compete atop Jacob's ladder. Credit: NBC