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'Zombies' challenge James Van Praagh to speak to the dead

October 26, 2011 |  6:36 am

At an event in Laguna Beach last Wednesday, self-described psychic (and "Ghost Whisperer" co-executive producer) James Van Praagh refused to talk to the dead. Or was it the un-dead? Actually it was volunteer activists from the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) made up as zombies who were asked to leave a $100 per person seminar conducted by Van Praagh. 

"He's taking advantage of the bereaved," said D.J. Grothe, who led the ragged horde of sign carrying living dead, "he's not helping them overcome their loss but he's getting them stuck in their grief."

The JREF has issued a million dollar challenge to Van Praagh to prove he communicates with the dead, Grothie said, but Van Praagh hasn't responded.

The activists left the event quietly after a brief encounter with a security guard. If only real zombies were so complacent.


 -- Ed Stockly

Photo: Thomas Donnelly; Credit: Eduard Pastor / JREF