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See Adam Savage of 'Mythbusters' age 1,000 years

October 15, 2011 |  8:26 pm

Adam Savage old
For his new Discovery special at 9 p.m. Sunday, Adam Savage of "Mythbusters" fame had to age a bit.

Actually, nearly 1,000 years.

In "Curiosity: Can You Live Forever?" the irrepressible Savage runs through some of the latest developments in longevity science, including brain upgrades, self-regenerating limbs and organ transplants. The special takes a sci-fi twist: It's set in the year 2967 as a cyborg-ized Savage looks back on his extremely long life and explains how he became the world's first 1,000-year-old man.

"All of it is backed up by experiments," Savage said of the science the special describes. "None of it is totally conceptual."

Fans may be a little shocked when they see the impressive makeup job by FX whiz Danny Wagner, which turns Savage into a very, very old -- if still spry -- man.

"I had actually supplied Danny before he did the sculpt with a bunch of pictures of my dad throughout his life all the way up until his death at 75, so that he could see how my face might change over the years," Savage said. The model was so creepy, Savage said, that his kids insisted he move it from the family's house into his shop.

"Mythbusters" fans will see plenty of their heroes Sunday night. Just before "Curiosity," Savage and his longtime work partner Jamie Hyneman will co-host "iGenius: How Steve Jobs Changed the World," which examines the impact of the late Apple co-founder.

Relying on new interviews with early Apple employees as well as celebrities such as Tom Brokaw and Stevie Wonder, Hyneman says the special will pay attention to Jobs' downsides as well. 

"By most accounts, he was a problematic guy to work with," Hyneman said. "Very temperamental and single-minded. It’s sort of telling that that’s what it takes to stick to your guns and have your vision realized."


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-- Scott Collins

Photo: Adam Savage becomes the world's first 1,000 year-old man in Discovery's "Can You Live Forever?" special.

Credit: Discovery