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Christine O'Donnell walks off Piers Morgan over gay marriage [Video]

August 17, 2011 |  7:13 pm

Cnn The self-described troublemaker lived up to her name Wednesday night.

A "Piers Morgan Tonight" interview with former U.S. Senate candidate Christine O' Donnell went from good-natured to weird to contentious, with the "tea party" leader walking off the show mid-interview.

O'Donnell, on the program to promote her nonfiction book "Trouble Maker," got into a roundelay with the CNN host when he pressed her for her views on abstinence and gay marriage.

"Let's not even go there," the former Delaware Senate candidate said several times when Morgan asked her about her views on masturbation and abstinence, the first time deflecting it with a laugh and the second time with more edge. (You can watch some of the video below.)

When Morgan pressed her for her views on gay marriage, she called the host "rude" several times and repeated that she was "here to talk about my book" and not the questions about sexual ethics that Morgan was putting to her. Morgan replied that these were subjects in her book, and, as such, she should be willing to address them.

"Don't you think as a host that if I say that's what I want to talk about that's what we should address?" O'Donnell volleyed back in the split-screen interview.

"Not really, no" Morgan replied, a cheeky grin discernible on his face. A moment later, O'Donnell appeared to be getting instructions from an aide to walk off the remote location, as her eyes darted to an unseen figure. "Are we off? Are we done?" she said to the person. Then she got up and walked away from the set, a large shadowy figure standing in front of the camera to block it.

"I'm still here," Morgan said, looking as much amused as surprised. "It would appear the interview has just been ended," he said, before inviting O'Donnell to come back the next night. (No word on whether she'll accept.)

The interview began with O'Donnell seemingly in good spirits, laughing as she fielded questions about her campaign and even as she was shown the infamous clip of her on "Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher" talking about her dabbling in witchcraft.

When the subjects of gay marriage and sexual ethics came up and O'Donnell tried to change the subject to Barack Obama, Morgan, refusing to back off, pressed her with "Why are you being so weird about this?"

It continued a strange night on CNN. Earlier, Anderson Cooper, host of "AC360" couldn't keep it together as he went through the infamous Gerard Depardieu urinating incident, giggling uncontrollably several times at some of the puns he was reading and finding himself nearly unable to complete the segment.

O'Donnell, for her part, has been catnip for television, and particularly for viral-video enthusiasts. The irony may be that in her building annoyance at some of the clips Morgan was showing, she may have created one of the most memorable clips of all.


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-- Steven Zeitchik

Photo: Screenshot of Christine O'Donnell's Wednesday appearance on Piers Morgan's CNN program. Credit: YouTube