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'Entourage' recap: We talk, then we walk

August 1, 2011 |  8:00 am

'Entourage' recap: We talk, then we walk

Once again Johnny Drama is on the verge of stardom as his new animated show "Johnny's Bananas" has tested well and will premiere in just a few weeks.

And once again it could slip through his fingers if he isn't careful. Last time around, Johnny ended up off a hit show -- "Five Towns" -- for doing the right thing. Now, though, he is getting bum advice from his "Johnny's Bananas" co-star Andrew Dice Clay.

Dice, who has been out of the spotlight for almost two decades, thinks he and Drama should hold out for more money even though the show hasn't even premiered yet. Dice is convinced it will be a hit and fears he and Drama will be stuck with what in hindsight will look like bad deals.

"We talk, then we walk," Dice tells an apprehensive Drama.

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While Dice tries to create more drama for Drama, Ari is still reeling from the revelation that his wife is seeing someone else. That heartbreak leads to anger when Lloyd tells Ari he saw Mrs. Ari at Flay's having breakfast.

Although she was by herself, Ari and Lloyd grill a waiter to find out what is going on. Then Ari learns the waiter he's talked to has a habit of bedding wealthy women. As much as Ari can't believe that his wife would go from the most powerful agent in town to a waiter, he decides to destroy an upcoming audition the waiter has for "Mad Men."

Alas, Mrs. Ari is not sleeping with a waiter. She's sleeping with the boss -- Bobby Flay. She tells Ari that if she and he are ever to get back together, he needs to let her be now. He basically says if letting her be means letting her be with other people, then that's a deal-breaker.

Ari hasn't spent all these years becoming the most powerful agent in Hollywood for nothing. He storms into a staff meeting and tells everyone that Bobby Flay is now his sworn enemy, which means he is the firm's sworn enemy as well.

Mrs. Ari is not the only girl moving on. Turtle can't seem to get his girlfriend, Alex, to call him back from the road where she's promoting Avion tequila, and Eric's on-again, off-again relationship with Sloan may be permanently off after she tells him she's quit her job and headed to New York.

Sloan springs this news on Eric a few hours after a spur-of-the-moment romantic encounter. He was hoping it would mean they'd get back together, but for her it was closure.

Vince was hardly a factor in this episode. He's busy trying to write a script for his miner movie that he now wants to make for Drama. Vince's screenwriting skills and his grammar apparently need a  lot of work, though, and Billy Walsh is brought in to do a rewrite.

This episode seemed designed to set up stories in the coming weeks. Ari will struggle with dealing with his wife's dating and figuring out his next move. Johnny and Dice will risk their new show before it even has a chance to succeed. Eric will try to move on from Sloan, and Vince will need something other than writing a TV movie for his brother to hold his interest, or ours.


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-- Joe Flint

Photo: Drama (Kevin Dillon) gets some bad advice from Dice (Andrew Dice Clay). Credit: HBO.