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'Entourage' recap: Overpriced soft meat

August 15, 2011 |  9:00 am

'Entourage's' Kevin Dillon and Adrian Grenier as Johnny Drama and Vince

Being fresh out of rehab and at the house of a coked-up fading producer who has just committed suicide is usually not a good career move.

But that’s where Vincent Chase found himself in Sunday night’s episode of HBO’s “Entourage.” What he thought would be a routine visit to troubled producer Carl Urtz wanting to work with him turned into an episode of “Celebrity Rehab” gone wrong. Vince did his best impression of Dr. Drew and fell way short.

Vince could have avoided this if he had listened to his agent, Ari, manager, Eric or friend Turtle, who all warned him to steer clear of Urtz.

Now his own comeback from a bust and rehab is at risk. He’s got the press and the law on his back. While Vince didn’t do anything wrong, TMZ is all over him, and his parole officer is going to want him to take a drug test. Parole officers tend to frown on their parolees being in a house of a known drug abuser who has killed himself while on a binge.

None of this would be a real problem if Vince hadn’t smoked a joint a few days earlier. Annoyed with Narcotics Anonymous and not buying that he is some hard-core drug addict, Vince tells Eric he had a few puffs on a joint just to prove he could do it.

Unfortunately, whether he is or isn’t an addict doesn’t matter as far as his probation is concerned. A failed drug test could cost him a movie and land him in jail for a week or so. Freaked out, the gang decides he can beat the test if he drinks a ton of vinegar. It only takes one sip for Vince to figure that there has to be a better way.

Of all his friends, Vince figures Billy is the one who knows how to fake a drug test. Billy does have a solution, but it requires a fake penis that will dispense clean urine and fool the person watching him take the test. Vince goes to his drug test packing a little extra. He tells Eric about the scheme. Eric promptly loses it and notes that if Vince fails the test they can recover. But if he is caught trying to cheat on it, he is totally screwed.

As Vince deals with his moral dilemma, Ari is torn between pining for his wife and starting something up with former flame and big shot studio executive Dana Gordon (the under-appreciated Constance Zimmer). In the last episode, he slept with Dana, and in this one he is trying to win back Mrs. Ari by being enthusiastic about couples counseling.

Mrs. Ari, however, is having none of it. She’s dating hot shot chef Bobby Flay and tired of coming in second to Ari’s job. Annoyed, Ari decides to go for some payback by taking Dana to Flay’s restaurant, where he has a confrontation with him and his “overpriced soft meat.” Once Dana learns why they are eating at Flay’s restaurant, she loses it. Mrs. Ari also hears about it from Flay and is furious as well since she always distrusted Dana anyway.

While Ari is failing the tests to woo his wife back, Vince manages to pass his drug test. Everyone is stunned until Vince pulls out his secret weapon, which – for those wondering – is smaller than the one worn by “Entourage” executive producer Mark Wahlberg in “Boogie Nights.”


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