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'Entourage' recap: A mortgage, five kids and no maple syrup

August 29, 2011 | 11:56 am

'Entourage' recap: A mortgage, five kids and no maple syrup

Although Vincent Chase's publicity team has the clout to get an advance copy of a Vanity Fair story about him, they don't have the juice to get final editorial approval of the profile.

Vince is upset that in an otherwise flattering article of him the writer accuses the movie star him of being shallow with regards to women. He pretends to be sensitive to score, but isn't really. Vince doesn't see himself that way, but since that is exactly what he tried to do to the writer of the article, he has no luck getting her to change that one paragraph.

So instead he tries to track down old conquests to see if he was a jerk or a good guy. Fortunately, this "High Fidelity" plot didn't last past one waitress who tells Vince that while he was perfectly nice, he's not the deepest guy in the world. After seven seasons, it's not like that will come as a shock to fans of the show.

Photos: Hollywood Backlot -- On the set of 'Entourage'

While Vince struggles with the idea of being seen as a not-too-deep ladies' man, Eric is dealing with the repercussions of sleeping with actress Melinda Clarke, best known for playing Mischa Barton's mom on "The O.C." but also the former stepmother to Eric's ex-Sloan. Eric is supposed to be managing Clarke, but she seems interested giving him more than a commission.

Eric, who is still pining for Sloan, has a new rival for her in Johnny Galecki. Apparently the co-star of "The Big Bang Theory" is making a play for Sloan and may use Eric's situation with Melinda to help his own cause.

Alas, this would be amusing if we hadn't seen this before with Seth Green, who used to be Eric's tormentor and Sloan's stalker. Frankly, Green did a much better job at getting under Eric's skin than Galecki.

Vince and Eric's problems are nothing compared with poor Johnny Drama, who has joined Andrew Dice Clay in walking off the animated show "Johnny's Bananas" the pair are making for CBS with Billy Walsh producing. CBS is now threatening to drop Vince's movie about trapped miners that Johnny was going to star in. "He's going to bury my minors," Drama quips after getting off the phone with Phil, the executive overseeing.

Turns out though that was the last bluff because two seconds after Drama says he's not coming back to work, Dice's phone rings with what he says is a better offer and the show is back on. If that is the end of that plot line, then it was pretty anti-climatic.

As Drama gets ready to return to work, Turtle is trying to find a new gig. His idea is to import his favorite Queens restaurant, Don Peppe's, to Hollywood. He flies the owner and his wife out to hear his pitch, but they're more interested in seeing stars and hitting a Laker's game and don't seem to be taking Turtle too seriously yet.

The soap opera that is Ari's marriage appears to be over as Ari looks ready to throw in the towel on a reconciliation with his wife. His main goal now is to protect his business, which Mrs. Ari could take a big chunk of in a divorce proceeding. Oh, and we finally learn the name of Ari's wife. It's Melissa. Hardly the biggest reveal in the world here, after all we're not talking Cosmo Kramer.


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Photos: Hollywood Backlot -- On the 'Entourage' set

The boys of 'Entourage' say goodbye for now; movie possibility remains

-- Joe Flint

Photo: Ari (Jeremy Piven), Eric (Kevin Connolly), Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), Vince (Adrian Grenier) and Drama (Kevin Dillon). Credit: Claudette Barius / HBO