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Christine O’Donnell appears on TV show, does not walk off set (updated)

August 19, 2011 | 10:16 am

Christine O'Donnell fails to walk off the set at latest interview
Another day, another Christine O’Donnell TV appearance. But unlike her stint on the Piers Morgan program Wednesday night, she decided to actually stay on the set until the interview was complete.

The topic of this morning’s interview? The earlier interview.

Everyone wants to know why she left. Including "Today's" Savannah Guthrie.

“Why’d you do it?” Guthrie asked.

“It was, like I said, the very inappropriate, creepy line of questioning,” she responded, alluding to Morgan’s questions about masturbation, abstinence, lust – all issues that came up during her U.S. Senate run.

But it appeared that a question about gay marriage was the one that put her over the edge. That’s when she announced that the interview was over and got up.

O’Donnell said it could have been any question. She had just decided enough was enough.

“When they're sitting there pressing you on personal, intimate questions, and you're saying I don't want to go there, he could have said, you know, look, your mother's name and I would have been like, come on, stop, I want it to stop that borderline sexual harassment that was going on,” she said.

Although he didn’t ask the name of O’Donnell’s mother (it’s Carole), in one of the more entertaining portions of the discussion (there were many), he did ask her why she made the sign of the cross before the Q&A began.

Just praying, she said.

“I was expecting some kind of devil worshiping sign,” he quipped.

Although she laughed many times during the Morgan interview, she didn’t think it was a joking matter. In fact, she said it was a double standard and Morgan wouldn’t have done the same thing with a man.

“Imagine if Bill Clinton were there,” she said. “Would he ask him, do you still hang out with Monica Lewinsky? Come on, we talked about it in the '90s. Do you still have that fascination with cigars, Bill? Come on, what's wrong with this?”

O’Donnell left this interview without chaos and, although not committing to another run for office, she did say she hopes to remain a “voice” in 2012.

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-- Los Angeles Times

Photo: Christine O'Donnell, former Senate candidate, talks to "tea party" members during a rally at Fort C.F. Smith in Arlington, Va., on Aug. 18, 2011. She also signed copies of her recently released book, "Trouble Maker." Credit: Win McNamee / Getty Images