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'The Bachelorette' recap: Behind the scenes at 'Men Tell All' [Video]

August 1, 2011 | 12:43 am


Oh, “Men Tell All.” Let’s not beat around the bush, “Bachelor” nation: This is typically the worst episode of the season, right? Gathering all the rejected suitors together to discuss a handful of clips we’ve already seen always seems like a blatant ploy to boost interest in the following week’s season finale.

But, hey, at least this season the "Men Tell All" episode aired only a day before Monday’s finale. Plus, I got the opportunity to attend the taping – which is why I’ve been able to post these behind-the-scenes interviews with Constantine, Ryan and Ashley all week long.

Still, this season’s “Men Tell All” special was pretty dull. Despite teasers that blatantly implied the villainous Bentley would show up to face off against Ashley, he chickened out, blaming his absence on his “brother’s wedding.” Sure, dude. Knowing how desperate this show is for drama, I’m sure they would have rescheduled the entire event if Bentley was actually going to show his face.

Last week on 'The Bachelorette'...

Alas, despite him not actually being there in the flesh, Bentley was still the topic of much conversation during Sunday’s episode. I don’t even want to rehash much of what was said about the guy, since he didn’t even attend. But thanks to Constantine for voicing what we’ve all been thinking all season about Bentley’s shady motives: “Supposedly he owns a family fun center—so, great promotion?”

Anyway, let’s forget about that dirtbag and move on to the most important moment of the evening, which was clearly Ashley telling Ben C. that he was the one she most regretted sending home this season. Can I get an a-men? She and Ben C. were totally on a solid path until William threw him under the bus, insinuating that Ben was looking forward to cleaning up online dating sites once he got off the show. Ashley  -- still rattled by Bentley’s sudden exit -– was so surprised by the news that she let insecurities get the best of her and sent Ben packing before he even had a chance to explain the alleged comments.

Backstage at the show’s taping last weekend, I asked Ben why he didn’t stick up for himself more when Ashley kicked him off.

“I was so blindsided, I literally thought I misheard what she told me. And then when it registered, because I was kind of in shock, I told her, 'Listen, I don't know what you heard from who. But I know I was genuine throughout. So whatever you heard, it was kidding around,’” he told me.

But the fact that Ashley admitted she might have been too hasty in sending Ben home gave him additional closure about the experience, he said.

“I would say it made me feel better, and the reason is because I think she and I both still know that probably we weren't right for one another in the end. I think that there may have been some things lacking with our chemistry,” he said. “But when she said that tonight, I thought it was her way of apologizing or just being sweet about the fact that she knows I went through a really difficult situation with how that ended. So I appreciated that she said that.”

Some other highlights?

-How hilarious was Tim, the liquor distributor who got tanked on his first night in the mansion and had to be carried out only a few hours after his arrival? I thought he totally redeemed himself tonight by admitting that he made a horrible mistake in getting so drunk in a failed attempt to loosen up. “You wake up the next day and you wanna stick your head in the sand and say, 'What the hell did I do to myself?’" he admitted, prompting me to actually feel a little sorry for the guy.

-The unseen moment in which Harrison pressed Ashley about the questionably-placed vat of Vaseline on her bedside table. “I put Vaseline on my lips as ChapStick,” she insisted. “I put it on my lips, but also a little bit on the outside. You don’t want to wake up next to me – that’s all I’m saying.” I wonder if JP and/or Ben got a little preview of that loveliness in the Fiji fantasy suite? Eh, eh?

-The preview for the upcoming season of the “Bachelor Pad.” Um, wow. Not sure I even have words. Did anyone else catch that revolting night-vision camera shot of Kasey and Vienna having what appeared to be sex? And Michael telling his ex-fiancee, Holly, that he “really still loves the [expletive]” out of her? Chivalry at its finest, folks. Why do we watch this trash? And why am I even pretending that I’m not going to be plopped in front of the television to be repulsed by said events next week?

-The overwhelmingly positive audience response for Ames. Dude has the ladies going cuh-ray-zee. Do we think this means he could be the next “Bachelor?” I thought that his appearance on the “Bachelor Pad” would rule him out – especially since he seems to be dating someone on that show – but an ABC executive  revealed on his Twitter account that that doesn’t put Ames out of the running. Not sure how I feel about Ames being “The Bach.” I mean, sure, he’s cute and all, but I just have this horrible vision of him staring at a gaggle of beautiful women dumbfounded, and then plying himself with alcohol so he can feel comfortable enough to make a move like he did on Ashley in the elevator this season.

- “I kind of consider you like a camp counselor: You’re just really happy about everything.” – Lucas on Ryan. One of the best lines of the night. Followed by Ryan revealing that he brought “multiple books” on “questions to ask before you get engaged” and the like, which he took “pages and pages of notes” on. Oh, and he kept a journal, too. And the hole just keeps getting deeper.

Only 24 hours until Ashley sheds some more tears and probably ends up with a Neil Lane shiner on her fingers, folks. Let's hope she and oh-so-obvious winner JP last more than a year.


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-- Amy Kaufman

Photo: Ashley Hebert and Ben Castoriano learn to dance on "The Bachelorette." Credit: Rick Rowell / ABC.