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About (Late) Last Night: Yes, David Letterman, Emma Watson has been drunk before [Video]

July 12, 2011 |  8:18 am


If David Letterman hadn't made it big as a talk-show host, he might have had a thriving career as an investigative journalist. Or a CIA agent. Whatever else you think of him, Letterman is, undeniably, a persistent interrogator: when he wants a straight answer from a celebrity, by God, he'll make them squeal!  And when it comes to the subject of drinking, the host, a renowned teetotaler, is especially persistent (see this recent segment with Snooki as a prime example).

On Monday night, "Harry Potter" star Emma Watson became the latest victim of Letterman's patented waterboarding routine. The prying began with a question about her costar Daniel Radcliffe, who recently confessed to a drinking problem. "Did you hear that? Did you know that? Can we talk about that?" he asked.

Watson gracefully deflected the question. "To be honest, it's not something I genuinely know much about. I mean he's the one to talk about it. But, as far as I know he never took a sick day."

Sensing that line of inquiry would get him nowhere, Letterman changed tactics. "Do you drink at all? Do you use controlled substances?"

The lovely Watson struggled to find the right answer. "We drink at 18 [in the UK]. I'm actually legal to drink here now. It's worth mentioning, I'm 21." (I'm guessing Watson has to remind people that she's not 12 anymore on a regular basis).

Letterman pressed her. "What happened? Did you have a shot of something? You either did and you liked it, or you did and you didn't like it."

Watson's discomfort was palpable. "I'm dying here. Can we move on?" she begged.

His target weakened, Letterman fired a direct shot. "Let me help. Have you ever had anything to drink?"

And that was it: Watson waved the white flag of surrender. "Yes, I have. I got very very drunk once in my life, as everyone does," she declared. "I got drunk! I have been drunk! I'll bow to that!"

Letterman's grilling was perhaps a touch cruel, but in the end, it was Watson who came out on top: Her flummoxed response was utterly charming.


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-- Meredith Blake