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About (Late) Last Night: Bryan Cranston talks crystal meth [Video]

July 22, 2011 |  9:15 am


It's the question that Bryan Cranston, who plays a mild-mannered chemistry-teacher-turned-ruthless-meth-manufacturer on AMC's "Breaking Bad," has probably fielded a few hundred times: Has he ever tried the dangerously addictive drug? 

"Strictly for research," Cranston joked to Craig Ferguson on Thursday's "Late, Late Show." "I never enjoyed it."

"I don't think anyone enjoys crystal meth," Ferguson said. "Just look at them. They don't look like they're having a good time at all. They're trying to achieve the look that crones got by sitting next to the guillotine during the French Revolution, that kind of no-teeth crazy 'gaaaaah!' "

"You get what's called 'meth mouth' and your teeth just start dropping out," Cranston explained. 

"You start looking like a thin British dude. Kate Moss is coming around your house, 'You're very attractive,' " Ferguson quipped.  (Speaking of looks, it's remarkable how much better looking Cranston is when he's not in character, isn't it?)

Cranston hasn't sampled crystal meth, but he does know how it's made. "We had DEA chemists who are consultants on the show and they taught us step by step how to make crystal meth," he said. It's a commitment to authenticity that Walter White, the detail-oriented character that Cranston plays on the series, would appreciate.

"If the acting thing falls through..." suggested Ferguson, but as anyone who's watched "Breaking Bad" can tell you, cooking meth is not exactly a foolproof backup plan.

-- Meredith Blake