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Paris Hilton: Getting kicked while she's down by Anderson Cooper and others [Video]

June 7, 2011 |  3:30 pm

Poor Paris Hilton. She can't catch a break these days.

"The World According to Paris," her new reality show on Oxygen that features what she calls the true, grown-up and honest Paris Hilton, premieres to poor ratings. The hosts of "The View" upset her with pointed questions about her self-absorbed persona. Reese Witherspoon takes a veiled shot at her during the MTV Movie Awards.

The latest scathing salvo came from CNN's Anderson Cooper, who blasted the heiress Monday during his newscast. Cooper lowered the boom during his RidicuList segment, targeting Hilton's claim that her show would demonstrate her wish to be taken more seriously and that she wanted to be "as real as possible."

"Paris Hilton has changed — she's changed her heart," Cooper smirked before showing several clips from the premiere. In one, Hilton complained about having to do community service due to "a little incident in Las Vegas." Cooper pointed out that the incident, which was not specified in the show, was cocaine possession.

A scene showing a nude Hilton taking a bath and photographed from the back spotlighted the difference between the old Paris and new Paris, added Cooper as he referenced Hilton's infamous sex tape. "There's clear evidence that the new Paris is nothing like the old Paris. "She's naked in a tub, but she's not doing full-frontal. The old Paris, full frontal."

He also made fun of Hilton calling desperate people who crave attention "hungry tigers" during a scene in which she is posing for papparazi.

Said Cooper: "New Paris, on behalf of the nation, I apologize. I'm sorry we ever doubted you."

— Greg Braxton