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About (Late) Last Night: Tom Hanks loves the way Kevin Bacon smells [Video]

June 30, 2011 |  9:27 am




Tom Hanks cowrote, directed and stars in the new movie "Larry Crowne," which opens this weekend. With so much invested in the film, it's understandable that Hanks has been on an all-out late-night charm offensive this week. On Tuesday's "Late Show," he cooed over his baby granddaughter, swapped outfits with David Letterman, did a remarkable Ron Howard impersonation, and even starred in a funny bit with  Biff Henderson.

The publicity onslaught continued Wednesday night, when Hanks paid a visit to "The Daily Show" on Wednesday and was -- surprise! -- utterly likable. Jon Stewart tends to take a freewheeling approach to celebrity interviews and often avoids talking about whatever movie the star in question happens to be promoting. (See his recent chats with Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz.)

This time, Stewart played the PR game a bit more willingly, likening "Larry Crowne" to a "'Stella Gets Her Groove Back' for middle-aged white guys" and asking Hanks about his costar. "Tell me about this Julie Roberts. She seems to have a future." 

"She's a nut. She's an absolute kook. She's a dreamboat. She smells absolutely fantastic," he replied. 

Stewart's curiosity was piqued, and he asked Hanks who was the best-smelling actor he ever worked with.

"I am going to say Kevin Bacon, because on 'Apollo 13' we were really jammed in," Hanks said.

Stewart wondered whether Bacon perhaps smelled like, well, bacon. "Is there a savory quality to that?" he asked.

Quite the opposite, it turns out. "I think he smells like a mix of baby powder and Listerine," Hanks said.

-- Meredith Blake


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