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About (Late) Last Night: Jon Stewart draws real blood during fake news conference [Video]

June 8, 2011 |  8:11 am


On Monday, many "Daily Show" fans tuned in expecting a blistering satire of U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner's bizarre press conference, which had taken place that afternoon. Instead, what they got were a few cursory jokes about Weiner's waxed and well-toned chest.  Stewart, whose personal friendship with the congressman dates back some 20 years, had apparently gone easy on Weiner.

On Tuesday night, Stewart addressed his critics with a fake news conference. He began by acknowledging that a sex scandal involving a politician whose last name is Weiner was "by any standard a gift from the comedy ... whatever it is comedians have that takes the place of a god."

Stewart began by defending his record on Weinergate, claiming that "The Daily Show" had done over 59 jokes, nine penis puns, and even used an R. Kelly impersonator to provide commentary on the scandal.

He also claimed that the show's tame coverage on Monday night had more to do with timing than his own personal bias. Weiner's press conference was at 4:30, and "The Daily Show" tapes at 6, leaving little time to rework the script.

"This was my decision, and my decision alone. I recognize how wrong I was," Stewart proclaimed with faux solemnity. At his breaking point, Stewart turned to drink, pulling out a blender and fixing himself a strawberry margarita.

Here's where things got dicey.

In the drink-making process, Stewart somehow managed to slice open his right hand on a broken margarita glass. The host, ever a pro, remained cool about the injury. "That's not good," he said, pausing to look at his hand, then proceeded with the bit.

It wasn't until the next segment, when correspondent John Oliver joined the fake news conference, that Stewart displayed his wound. Oliver began on a stern note, taking Stewart to task for his double standard, but all the blood proved too distracting. "As for you Stewart ... and your visibly injured hand. That's a genuine problem. That's a genuine problem." 

Stewart held up his hand for all to see. "We better hurry up this ... bit because I am bleeding out!" he exclaimed.

Oliver's sympathy was short-lived. "You're fine, you're fine," he assured Stewart. "Stop being so Jewish about it."

Stewart may have gone easy on Weiner, but at least no one can say the man doesn't suffer for his art.

 --Meredith Blake