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About (Late) Last Night: Jay Leno sets Kim Kardashian's engagement ring on fire [Video]

June 15, 2011 |  8:29 am


Kim Kardashian's 20.5-karat engagement ring is not exactly tasteful, but the more urgent question is: Is it real?

Kardashian stopped by "The Tonight Show" on Tuesday to chat with Jay Leno about -- what else? -- herself. The thought-provoking topics ranged from when Kris Humphries proposed ("It was, like, the most random day") to whether she'll take his name ("I'll probably have it, like, 'Kimberly Kardashian Humphries'") to scurrilous tabloid stories about her personal life ("It's not morally right").

But what  Leno was really interested in -- or at least really pretended to be interested in -- was the authenticity of Kardashian's gargantuan ring.

He proposed a test to see if it was, like Kardashian's love for her fiance, the real thing. "If it burns, it's not real, it's cubic," Leno explained.

"Really? Wait ... no ..." she said, in an unconvincing attempt at spontaneity.

"The nice thing is, if it's real, nothing will happen," he said. "If it's fake, then this Mr. Humphries has some explaining to do."

And -- would you believe it? -- Kardashian agreed to the experiment!

She handed over her gigantic bauble to Leno, who placed it in a small metal holder and lit a match. Sure enough, the ring lit up and turned a scorched, black color.

"That's not good," Leno declared. "Get the prenup."

But please, don't fret about our Kim. It was all a joke -- albeit a somewhat lame one. Fake hair, fake nails, fake breasts? Who knows. But a fake diamond? As if.


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-- Meredith Blake