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'America's Next Top Model' all-stars revealed

May 12, 2011 |  4:29 pm

After much fanfare, on Thursday the CW announced the 14 ladies who would be returning for the 17th all-stars edition of "America's Next Top Model." Though some of the most audacious members of seasons past won't be represented -- Jade reportedly turned ANTM down because of the terms of the contract -- some of our favorite drama queens and runner-ups will participate. Alexandria from the current cycle is coming back, not to mention cycle 9's Bianca, who reportedly was in an altercation with "Hairspray's" Nikki Blonsky over seats in an airport lounge. The full list is:

-- Shannon (Runner-up, cycle 1)

Known for: ruffling Tyra's feathers by refusing to do a nude shoot

-- Camille (Fifth place, cycle 2)

Known for: her arrogant attitude and her rivalry with contestant Yoanna

-- Brittany (Fourth place, cycle 4)

Known for: getting drunk at designer Craig Port's house, fighting with Keenyah

-- Bre (Third place, cycle 5)

Known for: fighting with Nicole over granola bars, rarely showering

-- Lisa (Sixth place, cycle 5)

Known for: drinking to excess, wearing wigs, naming a shrub "Cousin It"

-- Bianca (Fourth place, cycle 9)

Known for: constantly arguing, going bald in the makeover episode

-- Dominique (Fourth place, cycle 10)

Known for: calling Whitney racist, the "soccer mom" look

-- Isis (Tenth place, cycle 11)

Known for: being the first (and so far, only) transgendered contestant

-- Sheena (Sixth place, cycle 11)

Known for: her excessively sexy poses, her "Asian warrior that's going to kill you" look

-- Allison (Runner-up, cycle 12)

Known for: being voted "Most Likely to Star in a Twilight Movie"

-- Laura (Runner-up, cycle 13)

Known for: struggling with dyslexia during commercial shoots, being the only ANTM finalist who never had top photo

-- Angelea (Fourth place, cycle 14)

Known for: coming back from cycle 12, having a tiff with Krista

-- Kayla (Fourth place, cycle 15)

Known for: her fire engine-red makeover dye job, winning a presenting gig at the Grammys

-- Alexandria (Fourth place, cycle 16)

Known for: driving everyone crazy this cycle

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-- Margaret Eby

Photo: "America's Next Top Model's" Tyra Banks. Credit: Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images