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'America's Next Top Model' eliminee Alexandria: 'I wasn't trying to be the villain'

May 5, 2011 |  4:46 pm

TM1610_02_ALE_REV1Tears, insecurity, and petty squabbling are all regular features of "America's Next Top Model," but this season there was one undisputed queen of drama: Alexandria Everett. Whether it was correcting the gaffers on the set of a commercial, pouting during panel, or driving the other girls to distraction with her constant pointers --  if there were hurt feelings or exasperated judges, you could probably turn to Alexandria. But her statuesque figure and poise coupled with the ability to charm the pants off industry folks kept landing her in the top two, to her housemates' constant annoyance.

On this week's episode, Alexandria's control-freak side finally got the best of her, imbuing her photo with what Nigel Barker deemed "the look of a flight attendant," and the judges sent her packing. But Alexandria's not stressing out too much about it. When I spoke with her, she was getting ready to go to the beach. "I'll probably be on a surfboard when I'm 70 years old," she said with a laugh. 

What happened in Morocco? Were you surprised to be going home?

I was a little surprised, but I wanted to take everything in very humbly. I wasn't meant to win this one. If there's a higher power or a God or an Allah or whoever makes that decision, I believe it's every religion combined into one. You understand that there's an evil side and a blessed side, and I'm grateful to be part of  the blessed side.

The other models often labeled you as the bad guy in the house. How did you feel watching that?

Signing up for this, I understood that they would be editing it the way they want. You know, I do consider myself to be a b-i-t-c-h: a beautiful individual that creates haters. I tried to avoid the cattiness, and be a better person. Talking behind peoples' backs doesn't set a good example for anyone. I was never trying to be a villain.

You often got accused of being over-controlling by the judges, too.

I hate that! It was a disadvantage, but I did it to myself. I'm not blaming Mr. Jay right now. He set me up to fail on the camel shoot by saying to the photographer that I was controlling and he would have to push me. But honestly, what they saw as controlling was when I was trying to help. You see a bum on the corner and you feel that gut-clenching feeling, you give your last penny to him. I always want to help, and it's gotten me a bite in the butt. I could see where I helped and I should have just stepped back.

So do you feel like the control-freak label was unjust?

I won't let people put a label on me. It's hard because we're always being told what to do. I think it's unfair to say a model is just a model; a smart model knows about everything around them. Part of it was that I was 21 at the time and I didn't want to listen to people. But in this industry you have to.

What was your favorite moment with the judges?

When we got to Morocco and were hanging out with Mr. Jay and Ms. Jay, that was so fun. I have a picture now of me in the souk, kissing a cobra, and Ms. Jay is in it. Cobras are good luck, you know. 

-- Margaret Eby

Photo: Alexandria at the Moroccan souk. Credit: Friedman Hauss / Pottle Productions Inc.