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About (Late) Last Night: Why Keira Knightley won't be invited to Buckingham Palace anytime soon [Video]

May 10, 2011 |  7:32 am


This post has been corrected. See note at bottom for details.

Keira Knightley took to "The Daily Show" stage Tuesday night, lovely as ever, but she had some rather unsavory images running through her mind.

Earlier in the episode, host Jon Stewart was recapping last week's Republican debate, which featured lesser-known candidates like former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum. As Stewart pointed out, Santorum's presidential bid faces an unusual challenge: Thanks to an online campaign spearheaded by syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage, his last name has been adopted as a graphic sexual neologism. (Fair warning to the curious: There's a reason we haven't linked to the Google results.)

"I just Googled 'Santorum,' " Knightley said, the very moment she sat down with Stewart. "I feel like my innocence has been taken away." After some discussion of Santorum's chances in the 2012 campaign, conversation turned to a more genteel topic -- the royal wedding.

"William and Kate -- do you think in England they are as big a deal as they were here? Or do you think Americans are more fascinated?" Stewart asked.

"It was a big deal, wasn't it?" Knightley responded, somewhat bemused by all the fuss.

"We stopped everything," Stewart said.

Stewart wondered whether Knightley had ever met any of the young royals. "They're around your age. Have you ever run into them while you're out -- William or, uh, Harold?"

He was surprised to find out that Knightley had yet to meet either of the princes. "I would think that being a royal nowadays would be like being a movie star," Stewart said. "I would think there would be some synchronicity between the two worlds."

"So does that mean that I should meet them?" Knightley asked.

"Let's say I'm Prince Harry. I go, 'Man, that Keira Knightley. She's something. She's a great actress. You know what? I will meet her.' Don't you think they would do that?"

"Well, they haven't. So is there something wrong with me?"

If Knightley was fishing for compliments, then Stewart took the bait. "Here's what I think. Even they realize you're out of their league."

Knightley enjoyed the flattery but offered a different theory: "I think it's that I know what 'Santorum' is, so I'm not allowed in the palace."

[For the Record, 8:03 a.m. May 10: An earlier version of this post misspelled Jon Stewart's last name as Steward.]

-- Meredith Blake