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About (Late) Last Night: Stephen Colbert can't resist making fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger [Video]

May 18, 2011 |  6:26 am


Sometimes a political scandal comes along that's so salacious, it seems it's been generated solely as fodder for the writers of late-night talk shows. The revelation that former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child out of wedlock -- more than a decade ago and with a member of his household staff, no less -- was just such a story.

If anything, the punchlines were too easy. Between the action star's many famous one-liners and a résumé that includes a curious number of movies revolving around issues of paternity, there was no shortage of jokes to be made, something that "The Colbert Report" emphasized in a rather "meta" segment.

"Naturally, everyone's expecting me to weigh in on today's big bombshell," Stephen Colbert said. "But it's a private matter between Arnold and his family and his other family."

The host insisted there were more important things to talk about -- like oil subisidies, for instance. But, try as he might to stick to matters of grave national importance, Colbert gave in midsentence. "The bill closes certainly loopholes in the tax code -- 10 years? Ten years ago!?"

A poster from the Schwarzenegger vehicle "Junior," featuring a pregnant Schwarzenegger, flashed on screen. "What did [Maria Shriver] think this was? Water weight gain?"

Indeed, the Schwarzenegger story proved so irrestistible that it even provoked an out-of-body experience. Colbert returned to sober discussion of oil subsidies, but, lo and behold, a second Colbert emerged, eager to talk about the scandal. "Let's dish, OK? This whole thing makes John Edwards look like father of the year."

At "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart also riffed on the irresistibility of the scandal (and offered up some pretty great puns), while at "Conan," it was all about "Junior."

-- Meredith Blake