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'The Biggest Loser' recap: Two go home

April 6, 2011 | 11:11 am

Courtney Sometimes, I look at Courtney and am just amazed by her strength and determination, and sunny attitude.

Other times, I look at Courtney and think: Does she have rocks in her head?

Last week, Courtney and Jen dissed their trainer, opting to pass on "buying" Brett for the week and instead used their play money to get massages. This week, she's teary eyed at the thought of Brett being kicked off the game if she fails to lose enough weight. Last week, Courtney was convinced she didn't need Brett to counteract her month-long weight-loss plateau. This week, Courtney was sure that Brett was the key to her success. Then, she gets on the scale and loses only 1 pound and basically says it's the ranch's fault: "Obviously, I can't figure it out here," she says, but quickly predicts: "I'm going to be able to figure it out at home."


Which is it, Courtney? Do you need the ranch or don't you? Do you need a trainer or don't you? And do you have respect for Brett, or don't you?

Maybe I'm being a little too tough on Courtney. But it's only because she is so darn likable, and I wanted to see her go the distance. More importantly, I want to see her get the life she wants and deserves. She is a role model not only because she has lost more than 200 pounds (much of that on her own, before she ever got to the ranch) but because of her relentlessly upbeat demeanor and her one-day-at-a-time approach to weight loss. In a world that is hell bent on ripping off the morbidly obese with quick fixes that will never work for long, Courtney is a voice of rationality and reason and success. Here's looking forward to all your success, Courtney. And you will become my personal hero if you can manage to find a way to turn that Dairy Queen soft serve into a low-cal treat.

Now, let's discuss Brett. I wish there were some way we could have kept him around longer. I've enjoyed this four-trainer experiment, but the downside is that we just haven't spent that much time with Brett and Cara, and now this happens. I like Brett, but I wish we'd seen a lot more of him. (And not just because he is cute as all get out.) Speaking of the new trainers: I feel like Cara finally settled in this week and relaxed a bit. She seems like she has been on edge in previous weeks, and I would be too if I was in the middle of a months-long job interview that was being televised to millions.

Other highlights:

--Jillian giving Rulon the business. Many people, not just Rulon, reward themselves with food. (Guilty!) So it was great to see Jillian offering up a lesson that goes beyond the gold medalist: nurture and reward yourself in less destructive ways.

--Bob, ignoring Moses' pitiful plea for mercy in the gym: "I'm dying," Moses wheezed. "It looks like he's living!" Bob responded.

--What did you make of that guy approaching Hannah at the restaurant? Was that a set up? No offense to Hannah -- she looked gorgeous and I'm sure every guy in the room was eyeballing her. But what guy in his right mind would walk up to a table where built-like-a-brick-house Rulon and Jay were sitting and put the moves on the lady in their midst? He seemed kind of Jude Law meets creepmeister to me. (Is that mean?) And then she hugged him. Girl, you are from Nashville, so listen up. You are in L.A. You don't just hang on some guy you met five minutes ago. That's dangerous! Even if you have a camera and camera crew watching his every move.

--Quote of the week goes to Courtney, who urges everyone who sits on the couch each week watching the show and eating ice "get up and do something for you."

--Rene Lynch
Twitter / renelynch

Photo: Courtney plants her flag in Tuesday night's challenge. NBC