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'Survivor' postgame: Sarita says her last show was best episode ever

April 8, 2011 |  3:34 pm

99556_D01049 A lot of people, namely the Zapatera tribe, were disappointed by Sarita White on “Survivor: Redemption Island.” But as some of you may know, the producers actually went after her upon seeing her throwing back a bunch of margaritas in Venice Beach. They loved her, but I asked Sarita what made her do the show, if it wasn’t even something she went after.

“It was just one of those things that fell from the air for me,” she said. “I love kind of anything that’s the best of what it does, and ‘Survivor’ is the best reality show there is. I work in the industry, and I can say it’s the truest as to what happens and what airs.”

Elaborating on that, Sarita said that there will always be editing to get a thorough story, while with other shows there’s a lot of manipulation. Still, she wanted to see more of the beginning of the game, when she felt she was doing more.

“I wish they’d shown more of the earlier time, with us getting Russell out,” she said. “I was more active, but they did get my quote in, ‘Getting Russell out would be like winning the million dollars for me.’ ”

Sarita seemed to make everyone like her on the show … and then she didn’t do so hot in the challenges. Even when it didn’t appear so to us viewers, Stephanie and others were shown briefly going off on Sarita being weak. Of course, later her pleas for help during immunity challenges were spotlighted, but by then she was at the bottom of Zapatera’s food chain. Sarita said, though, that she was good with her tribe until she became more honest with David.

“He was one of my first alliances,” she said.  “Later on, he asked if it was still the two of us, and I said, ‘No, it’s the five of us’ … he went crazy.”

And yes, Sarita said she initially only had an alliance with David. But then she got to know Ralph a lot better.

“I ... was just happy Ralph considered me part of his group,” she said. “Then Mike jumped in … those guys were like brothers to me. Julie and Steve came on board later, but those guys I loved.”

In response to Stephanie telling me that Sarita just bossed Ralph around, Sarita said the two of them were just really close.

“Ralph’s a farmer; he just gets stuff done,” she said. “He helped Steve out the most, who couldn’t get things done without getting tired, and Mike, Julie … Stephanie just saw bits and pieces and was jealous. Ralph’s a very warm human being.”

When asked how her “Survivor” experience is going now, Sarita said she has to drive an hour to her mom’s house just to be able to watch it.

“I can’t watch it with friends. I have to be at my mom’s with my wine next to me, it’s so nerve-wracking,” she said. “But the second I’m gone [on the show], I thought, ‘Oh, this is getting good!’ I know it’s the episode I went home on, but it’s the best episode ever.”

As far as the upcoming reunion, Sarita said she looks forward to a big bear hug from Ralph but will skirt the bad seeds.

“If you don’t have anything nice to say … ”


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— Anthony Williams / anthonyw_ent

Photos: Matt and Sarita compete in the sixth duel on Redemption Island. Credit: Michael Yarish / CBS.