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Piers Morgan, Keith Olbermann and others speak out about Glenn Beck's exit from his Fox News show

April 6, 2011 |  1:27 pm

Beck Since Fox News and Glenn Beck announced on earlier Wednesday that Beck would be leaving his Fox show, Twitter's been all a-twitter about his exit, what it means and where he should end up. A few choice quips:

Piers Morgan: "1st @kingsthings then Regis, @katiecouric, Meredith, and now Mr this rate I'll soon be longest serving daily US host."

Keith Olbermann: "One should presume Lonesome Rhodes Beck will attempt to start his own All-Beck TV/radio enterprise like the original Howard Stern model." Followed by: "On the other hand, Beck asking Tea Partiers to PAY for anything may be a dangerously bad business decision."

Richard Roeper: "Glenn Beck to leave Fox News. Announcement causes immediate, drastic fall in stock price of chalkboards, Hitler graphics and bottled crazy."

Joy Behar: "Glenn Beck is leaving Fox. Where's he gonna go? The Oprah Network? I give him 20 minutes alone in a room with @Rosie."

John Fugelsang of "Politically Incorrect": "Glenn Beck is looking forward to more free time to insult Jews privately, around his family."

Neal Brennan, "Chapelle's Show" writer: "Glenn Beck leaving Fox News to join a network where his views will be believable: The Syfy Channel."

Showtrackers, what are your favorite responses?

-- Melissa Maerz

Photo: Glenn Beck. Credit: Evan Agostini / Associated Press