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'America's Next Top Model': Jaclyn: 'I might be sweet, but I have moves'

April 14, 2011 |  3:15 pm


This cycle of 'America's Next Top Model' has been full of freak-outs, cat fights and whispered confession camera vendettas. But if there's one girl who's managed to skirt the nastiness and keep her composure it's Jaclyn Poole, a curly-haired belle from Texas with a cartoonish voice, a distinctive drawl, and a bubbly personality that won over the judges. "I think I have a toothache," one casting director met after meeting with Jaclyn, "she's just so sweet!"

Alas for Jaclyn, it wasn't so much her modeling skills as her sense of direction that sent her home. On this week's episode, Jaclyn went to the fewest go-sees and produced a so-so photograph. But even after all the swiling drama and the disappointment of getting eliminated right before the models all flew to Morocco, Jaclyn had barely a mean word to say about anyone. "I don't like when people fight," Jaclyn said over the phone, "I tend to play the referee. I probably should have brought my whistle out. I even brought a whistle with me." 

There's been so much drama around Alexandria this season. How did you manage to avoid it?

You know, 14 girls living together under the pressure of competion, there's bound to be a couple tuff.  It's such an awesome experience, but sometimes it gets a little out of hand. I think that the Lord has given us each and every day better, and I try to stay out of the way of that kind of stuff.

Having a bad attitude has landed so many people in the bottom this competition — Alexandria, Molly, and Brittani — but they seem to survive. Did you ever feel like being good-natured was a disadvantage in the competition?

The other girls are beautiful, and they have so much experience. They sent me home because I didn't get to the go-sees and my picture wasn't up to their expectations. I have no regrets other than not reading a map. I'm proud of myself. 

You also had a great moment with Tyra Banks centered around those booty fillers...

Oh, that was so much fun, when Tyra told me to pick up a pencil? I mean, I am sweet, and I know I come off that way, but I have moves too.  I hope people didn't think I was looking skanky. I'm not going to be a beanpole, I know how to pick up a pencil the right way. I have rhythm. I was having fun. It was just so awesome.

In the last episode, it seemed like the photo shoot in the garbage dump was pretty grueling. What was it actually like to spend that much time in a gown waist-deep in trash?

Well, for one thing, whenever I go to the beach with my family, I always want to feed the seagulls. But those seagulls? They are dirty birds, and I never want to see them again, It was just the smelliest, nastiest place we've ever been. 

Did you at least get to keep the gown that was made for you?

Oh, I wish we did! I felt like a dark Princess Leia in mine. Though I'm not sure where I would wear it if I did get to keep it. 

So what's next? You mentioned elsewhere that, aside from modeling, your dream is to train Beluga whales.

The friendly white ones! They're so sweet. I got to interact with one. I hope to be able to persue that as well as modeling, and I'd like to work with old people. I love hearing old people's stories. 

Did you wish that Tyra would have concocted an aquarium challenge — couture gowns with whales?

I was hoping so bad! I would have gotten that photo.

Photo: Jaclyn preps for a photo shoot. Credit: Chris Frawley / The CW