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About (Late) Last Night: Why Bill Maher is convinced Donald Trump will run for president [Video]

April 26, 2011 |  8:05 am


Will he or won't he? For the last month, the media has obsessed over the possibility of a Donald Trump candidacy in 2012. There are two schools of thought on the subject: Trump's alliance with the "birther" fringe is either a cynical ploy to drum up ratings for "Celebrity Apprentice" or a cynical ploy to drum up support for a presidential run.

On Monday night's "Late Show," Bill Maher and David Letterman both weighed in on the subject. Letterman believes Trump is waging a "pretend campaign," but Maher does not. 

"I disagree with your premise, but I will say this. I don't know why we are taking him so seriously," he said. "Why are we listening to this curiosity from the '80s? Right? It's like opening up the paper and finding out John Wayne Bobbitt's severed penis is the ambassador to France."

"I remember when that happened," Letterman quipped.

"But he is really running," Maher assured his host.  As evidence, he cited Trump's advanced age, his "giant ego," and his recent claim of being a regular churchgoer

Maher believes it's a sign that Trump is now courting the religious right. "He is now sucking up to evangelicals because he has to run in Iowa. The Republicans in Iowa -- as I call them, 'the children of the corn' -- they are the most conservative, and you have to win Iowa."

Who do you think is right: Letterman or Maher?

-- Meredith Blake