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About (Late) Last Night: Ricky Gervais (still) refuses to apologize for Golden Globes [video]

April 15, 2011 |  8:42 am


It's been nearly three months since Ricky Gervais poked fun at a few wealthy Hollywood stars -- while they were in the same room with him, no less! -- at the Golden Globe Awards, thus igniting a firestorm of  controversy. Gervais, at worst, wounded a few egos, but it seems that some people still haven't gotten over the whole incident.

On "The Daily Show" Thursday night, Stewart addressed the overheated controversy, declaring himself a member of Team Gervais.

"Here's what you have to apologize about for the Golden Globes: making people like me who've also hosted these events feel inadequate by being that funny," he said.

Not surprisingly, Gervais agreed. "This is what I think I should apologize for," he began, before uttering a vulgarity that can be paraphrased as "absolutely nothing."

"What did I say that was so bad?" Gervais wondered. "They weren't injured soldiers. They're people that pretend to be someone else all day."

Later in the segment, Gervais spoke with similar irreverence about his atheism. (If you're interested, you can watch the entire, unedited interview here, though fair warning: It includes lots of potentially offensive language.) The comedian, who also published an op-ed on the subject in Thursday's Wall Street Journal, shared with Stewart an "Easter card" he created in which he appears shirtless, nailed to a cross, with the word "atheist" scrawled across his chest. 

"On the face of it, that looks like an artistic way of saying that Jesus was persecuted for his beliefs, and so am I as an atheist," he explained. "But really, I just wanted to show that I've been working out."

Gervais might not win any points for subtlety, but at least he's kept his sense of humor intact.

-- Meredith Blake