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About (Late) Last Night: Just how broke are the Mets? Chris Rock explains. [Video]

April 1, 2011 |  7:03 am



When it comes to baseball, famous New Yorkers always have to pick a side. Adam Sandler, Rudy Giuliani and Billy Crystal are Yankees fans, while Harvey Weinstein and Jerry Seinfeld are loyal to the city's underdog, the Mets. Another frustrated Mets partisan is comedian Chris Rock who, in his appearance on "Late Show with David Letterman" Thursday night, riffed memorably about his love for the cash-strapped and scandal-tainted franchise

"I appreciate the Yankees, but they've got all the money. It's like rooting for Steve Jobs to win the lotto," he began. "My team's broke, Dave. Some teams don't have a clean-up hitter; some teams don't have a closer or a good pitcher. My team has no money, Dave."

"What happened to the money? Where did that go?" Letterman asked.

"I don't know. Bernie Madoff and the ... I don't know, Dave. I didn't go to school, Dave."

So just how broke are the Mets? According to Rock, they're so destitute they can't even afford to print tickets. "Tickets cost money. They're on paper. They have no paper. You show up, and a dog licks your hand, and you show the spit, and they let you in." It was vintage Chris Rock, and reminded this blogger, at least, of one of his early big-screen appearances.

Letterman, who really seemed to enjoy Rock's ad-libbing, obeyed the cardinal law of improvisation and played right along. "A dog actually licks your hand? Sure. Now I understand."

It's so bad, Rock claimed, that "this year, second base is a manhole cover."

Should make for an interesting season.

-- Meredith Blake / MeredithBlake