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Spandex, bustier, spike heels: Wonder Woman shows her new getup

March 18, 2011 |  6:05 pm

Wonderwoman There's big news in the superhero universe ... because of an outfit. Not just any getup, mind you, but the new Wonder Woman red, blue and gold regalia, complete with Lasso of Truth and spike heels.

NBC and Warner Bros. Television have released the first photo of Adrianne Palicki as the iconic feminist crime fighter at the center of the David E. Kelley-produced remake. The show is contending for a spot on the fall schedule.

The outfit itself -- shiny spandex pants, bullet-deflecting wrist cuffs and eagle-emblazoned bustier -- is drawing plenty of comments from comic fans, fashionistas and anyone else who feels like weighing in. Tim Gunn? What say you? Those who remember the original series may notice that the bottom half of this look shows less skin than when Lynda Carter played Diana Prince in the late 1970s. Is that a good thing?

Head over to our brother blog, Hero Complex, to voice your opinion on whether the skin-tight ensemble is fit for an Amazon princess or works only as a tacky Halloween costume.

No one so far has taken issue with the curve-hugging dress that Elizabeth Hurley was wearing this week as she filmed a scene as villainess Veronica Cale in the pilot, now in production on the streets of Los Angeles. Hurley sported a turquoise "bandage" frock, as seen in OK Magazine.

Meanwhile, she tweeted about the experience. "In LA for Wonder Woman," she wrote on Monday. "Love putting my toe back in the water." The following day: "First scene in the can. Phew."

For those who'd like a little Wonder Woman in their lives right now, Warner Bros. and MAC cosmetics have teamed up for a new line of nail polishes, eye shadows and lipsticks (the shades have names like "Valiant" and "Defiant") pegged to the classic DC Comics character. Displays at Bloomingdale's, Macy's and other retailers tout a utility belt full of makeup brushes and aim to keep the property top of mind as Kelley's TV project wends its way through pilot season.

If an early script was correct, Prince's day job as a corporate leader has her overseeing, among other things, the production of Wonder Woman merchandise. Product placement opportunities!

Let us know, Show Trackers, how much you're anticipating this potential new series or if yet another remake leaves you cold.

-- T.L. Stanley