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Incoming! The Situation gets lobbed with grenades for Trump roast performance

March 16, 2011 | 12:25 pm


The Situation may be the $5-million man -- if you believe estimates of his earnings last year -- but his turn at the podium at the "Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump" wasn't worth a dime, according to the jeering in-studio audience and reviews of the special.

Anyone watching knew the "Jersey Shore" reality star was in trouble at the time -- if comedian Jeffrey Ross feels compelled to intervene with a flash of his flabby midsection, you know it's bad. If that wasn't clue enough, there were lots of crowd reaction shots -- all filled with expressions of disgust, eye-rolling and grimaces. And insults aimed at the self-proclaimed guido have been flying like grenades ever since the Tuesday night roast aired.

We've assembled some of the best disses here, so you can skip over The Situation bombing (or watch a slice, if you must, above) and go right to the counter-attacks.

Note: there seems to be a brouhaha brewing about some quips from The Situation (aka Michael Sorrentino) that didn't make it into the roast's final broadcast. Gossip site TMZ has published the racially insensitive, ageist and sexist remarks -- at least one of which was detailed in an earlier Show Tracker post -- and some critics think the seaside housemate should have to answer for his inappropriate sound bites.

Lisa Lampanelli: The roast veteran said in a TMZ video interview that The Situation assessed his own performance as "pretty good" moments after he left the stage. "I should go through life that delusional," she said. "I really wish I loved myself that much."

Snoop Dogg: Here's someone who knows how to deliver a joke that, in all likelihood, someone else wrote. Good on you, Snoop! "I gotta say a few more things about my girl Snooki over there," he said, aiming at The Situation. "Oh, that ain't Snooki? Oh, my bad. I'm sorry. All white people who act black look alike to me."

The Huffington Post harped on his lack of perspective: "He seems to be laboring under the notion that whatever he wants to do, he can. And why not? Being a guy with no real ambition beyond some kind of bizarre tanning, working out and laundry ethos has paid off handsomely so far."

And an L.A. Times Show Tracker commenter, after reading early reports of the performance, said: "That's what you get for having Charlie Sheen write your material."


The Situation nearly booed off the stage at Donald Trump's roast

-- T.L. Stanley