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About (Late) Last Night: Who couldn't love Steve Martin? Alec Baldwin, perhaps [video]

March 18, 2011 |  6:18 am

The experience at the Academy Awards a couple of years back must have left Alec Baldwin with a sour taste in his mouth when it comes to his co-host, Steve Martin. The "30 Rock" star, who just so happened to be sitting in the audience of "The Late Show with David Letterman" on Thursday night, stood up to ask Letterman who was on that night. Steve Martin and Selena Gomez, he replied.

Baldwin got up and left, proclaiming that he's not a fan. And he wasn't talking about Gomez.

For the rest of us who stayed behind and watched, though, Martin's interview with Letterman was as funny and as idiosyncratic as would be expected. Martin talked about his use of Twitter and his followers who read all the little tidbits he posts about his life. And he also shared the story of working on a song with Sir Paul McCartney, who thought Martin was simply being modest when he said he was a terrible singer. McCartney heard Martin's singing voice, and realized there was no modesty. He was actually that bad.

— Rick Rojas