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About (Late) Last Night: On 'Nightline,' Kathy Griffin takes on Sarah Palin and life not quite on the D-List [video]

March 11, 2011 |  9:59 am


Kathy Griffin took Sarah Palin head on in the former Alaska governor's challenge to the comic who has had quite a bit of fun poking at the Palin family. In an interview on "Nightline," Griffin addressed her controversial comments about two of Palin's daughters, Bristol and Willow, and her tenuous relationship with the former first family of Alaska from Wasilla. 

This, of course, comes after Palin called Griffin a "bully" in an appearance on Fox News, chastising her for targeting her children. "She’s a 50-year-old adult bully, really is what she is," Palin said, "kind of a has-been comedienne."

After noting that this was coming from a former governor (as in: has-been), Griffin replied, : "If you think a comedian is a bully, then what that tells me is you've never been bullied.... "To throw that word around — when I do my work with the LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] community, I'm talking about the guy from Rutgers. I'm talking about the real stuff. She's playing a different game."

"This is all grist for the mill, and she knows it," Griffin continued, saying the former governor was playing the badgering tactics she herself often deploys in taking on others in Hollywood. 

The interviewer, Bill Weir, asked if she thought Palin should run for president, or any public office, offering up the fiery comic more fodder.

"Ahh!" Griffin replied. "That would be great!"

— Rick Rojas