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About (Late) Last Night: Jon Stewart plays matchmaker for Jake Gyllenhaal [Video]

March 31, 2011 |  7:29 am


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Jake Gyllenhaal
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Pity poor Jake Gyllenhaal. No one, it seems -- not even Jon Stewart -- can resist trying to set up the handsome actor. To paraphrase Jane Austen: It's a truth universally acknowledged that a single movie star in possession of a good fortune and dazzling pecs must be in want of a wife.

On Wednesday night, Gyllenhaal tried his darndest to plug his new movie, "Source Code," on "The Daily Show," but Jon Stewart wouldn't have it. Like the rest of us, Stewart was too busy wondering why Gyllenhaal, who seems like such a nice boy, hasn't found a nice young lady to settle down with already.

Stewart gave "Source Code" the obligatory, fill-in-the-blank mention -- "This movie looks very good, and I've heard very good things about it" -- then quickly moved on to more urgent matters.

"I don't want to be a yenta," Stewart began, but "I have a girl for you." He then mentioned an audience member who, before taping began, had declared her intention to become Mrs. Jake Gyllenhaal. Would he consider the proposal?

"I'll think about it," the actor responded.

It was a good-natured demurral, but Stewart wasn't going to take "maybe" for an answer. He pressed the issue: "I don't know what your situation ... I don't know if you're single, if you're dating."

"I'm a little worried about your interest in this," Gyllenhaal confessed, but the protest could not stop Stewart's prying. To see how Gyllenhaal handled all the romantic interrogation -- and to find out whether he's ever fallen in love at first sight -- watch the clip above.

-- Meredith Blake