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About (Late) Last Night: Jay Leno asks Kirstie Alley if she'd like to sleep with Maksim Chmerkovskiy [Video]

March 25, 2011 |  9:04 am


This has been a big week for Kirstie Alley. On Monday, she made a surprisingly strong debut on "Dancing With the Stars." The glory was short-lived, however. On Tuesday, George Lopez made a nasty and not particularly funny joke about the 60-year-old actress' weight (say what you want, but she looks great for her age.) As if that weren't enough, on Thursday night's "Tonight Show," Alley was subjected to further indignity at the hands of another talk-show host.

At first, everything was as smooth as a waltz. Jay Leno asked the boilerplate questions directed at all "Dancing With the Stars" contestants: Why did she agree to do the show? (Answer: She wants to do Broadway next.) Had she lost any weight? (Yes.) So far, so predictable. But when the subject of Alley's dance partner, the dashing Maksim Chmerkovskiy, came up, things took a turn for the icky.

Alley confessed that she was happy to be assigned Chmerkovskiy as a partner. "I have to say that's who I wanted. And baby gets what baby wants," she joked.

Leno has a slightly creepy tendency of reverting to locker-room banter when talking about sex and/or romance, and this was a glaring example. "Is there sexual tension? ... Is he married?" he asked. Alley would only say that "he's hot, everybody in the world thinks he's hot." But Leno pushed the envelope: "Is that somebody you'd want to have sex with?"

It was awkward for everyone involved, not least of all the studio audience. See for yourself above.

-- Meredith Blake