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'Two and a Half Men' without Charlie Sheen? Show Tracker commenters offer solutions

March 1, 2011 | 10:54 am

Menandbaby After a day in which Charlie Sheen made a return to "Two and a Half Men" increasingly unlikely, Show Tracker commenters offered their two cents -- some of them pretty novel suggestions -- on how to save the hit comedy show if its leading man doesn't return.

Here are a few:

Julie suggests a way for the show to provide a reflective moment while also setting up a new scenario that might have the potential to carry the show for while:

"Charlie dies leaving everything to Allen. Then Allen and his girlfriend have a baby. It's now back to two and half men because the son is now a "man." Life goes on. ..."

Mike Binns said the solution was easy: Charlie and Alan get in a fight; Alan and his son move out. The interfering mother gets a bigger role, helping them establish a new life, and they find a bachelor neighbor -- just like Charlie -- next door. And, for good measure, Berta, the sarcastic housekeeper, comes along too.

In a very unscientific poll conducted earlier on Show Tracker, there was a virtual three-way tie between the hundreds of respondents guessing that writers will a) kill off Sheen's character, b) simply recast the role without explanation to viewers, or c) send him away.

Actors on Show Tracker commenters' wish list to replace Sheen included Randy Quaid, Russell Brand, Johnny Depp, along with our suggestions of John Stamos and Matt Dillon. Commenter Rhett writes of  Dillon: "He's good-looking, a good actor, with a great flair for comedy."

Commenter Brian says there's no hope. Charlie Sheen is "Two and a Half Men," and it just can't work without him: "You can't be serious saying the show would go on without Charlie Sheen. It's his show. Would 'I Love Lucy' still have existed if Lucille Ball left? I'm not comparing them, but it makes as much sense. You can't just replace the main star."

Sheen, by the way, already offered his opinion on the rumors that John Stamos could replace him on the show. "I love him. I like John, but he doesn't have what I have, and the show sucks if he's not it," Sheen said in yet another interview, this time with "Access Hollywood" host Billy Bush. "Sorry, just speaking the truth."

So, what do you think? Vote in the poll. Or offer your take on the future of "Two and a Half Men."

 -- Rick Rojas

Photo:  Charlie Sheen, Angus T. Jones and Conchata Ferrell. Credit: Greg Gayne / Warner Bros.


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