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About (Late) Last Night: Lady Gaga and Sofia Vergara spend Valentine's Day with Jay Leno [Video]

February 15, 2011 |  9:16 am

Monday night on "The Tonight Show," Jay Leno had his hands full. Fresh off her egg-cellent performance at Sunday night's Grammy Awards, Lady Gaga stopped by to promote her new single, "Born This Way," and address the murmurings that it's a poorly disguised ripoff of "Express Yourself." (Gaga claimed that Madonna's people had sent a message of support, though, oddly, she didn't actually deny the accusations.) Gaga mostly behaved herself, but you had to admire Leno for not being too distracted by the strange, ridge-like markings or protruding shoulder bones that, I'm guessing, are the pop star's newest thing -- some kind of "monster" reference, no doubt.

Next up was "Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara, which meant that, for a blissful eight minutes or so, we viewers were transported to a bizarre parallel universe in which reptilian pop stars and cartoonishly gorgeous Columbian sexpots hang out in our living room, chatting like two besties about makeup, shoes and Valentine's Day pet peeves.

Decked out in a form-fitting leopard-print dress, Vergara clearly knew that she looked (to borrow a term) buh-nah-nas. "I tried to step it up a notch because I knew she was coming," Vergara said, referring to Lady Gaga. "So, what do you think?"

"She stepped it up two notches," Gaga quipped. She later told the actress, "Men never want you in the kitchen, because they want you in the ..." then made a suggestive clicking sound. It would appear that Lady Gaga has a bit of a girl-crush on her fellow guest, and it's unclear whether the feelings were mutual. Vergara seemed a little perturbed by Gaga's suggested method for dealing with the paparazzi (buying an AK-47).

Maybe it's all just a cultivated persona, but Vergara seems exactly like Gloria, the character she plays on "Modern Family," adorable malapropisms and all. Leno asked her about Valentine's Day in Colombia, her native country, and Vergara explained that "we do the same thing, we wear the dirty underwear," by which she meant "sexy" underwear. She also confessed that her son, Manolo, finds it strange that she named him after a "drug-dealer junkie" character in "Scarface." 

"It's like yeah, but he was very handsome."

-- Meredith Blake