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About (Late) Last Night: Craig Ferguson is on Team Coco

February 9, 2011 |  8:59 am


Anytime two talk-show hosts sit down together on TV, there's going to be a "Jetsons Meet the Flintstones" feeling to it. And so it was on last night's episode of "Conan," where Craig Ferguson stopped by to say hello and tout his upcoming stand-up special.

"So the Scotsman and the Celtic Tampon are together again," O'Brien mused. 

"Finally, they wouldn't let me do the show for years when you were on that other network," said Ferguson, who, in the midst of last year's heated "Tonight Show" battle, repeatedly expressed his disdain for the executives at NBC.

Ferguson had some big news to discuss: Last week, he became a father for the second time. ("I...I had sex!" Ferguson boasted.) It was a joyful occasion, but not without a few--shall we say--messier moments.

"They don't tell you about the what else happens when the baby is born," said Ferguson. "You know what I'm talking about. You were there."

"It's quite...stunning, the creation of life," O'Brien responded, sounding less than rhapsodic about the experience.

"It's a beautiful thing, Conan O'Brien."

"No, it's not. It's really not."

"It's nice when it's all cleaned up," Ferguson said, punctuating his sentence with the perfectly suggestive sip of a mug. He then joked about the long friendship between the two. "We used to make out before you went all 'straight' and everything," he said, even proposing a nickname to rival "The Celtic Tampon." "I'll be the Caledonian fresh press-on towel." (That's Brit-speak for "pad," in case you hadn't figured it out.)

For all the acrimony of late-night television, it's nice to see a little camaraderie between peers -- period jokes and all.

--Meredith Blake