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About (Late) Last Night: The Kardashians discuss their many talents on 'Piers Morgan' [video]

January 28, 2011 |  9:21 am


Perhaps you have heard of the Kardashians. They are just your average all-American clan of talented, unassuming and privacy-loving Southern Californians. Like the rest of us working stiffs, the Kardashians were just trying to keep their modest little ladies’ boutique afloat when, via an “accidentally” leaked sex tape, some peripheral connections to actual celebrities and several thousand public appearances and tabloid cover stories, they were thrust against their will into the national spotlight.

Or so they would have you believe.  Two of the ubiquitous sisters stopped by “Piers Morgan” Thursday night to promote themselves, or, technically speaking, their latest reality television venture, “Kourtney and Kim Take Manhattan.”  

Morgan asked the sisters whether they worry about overexposure, which is a little like asking Conan O’Brien if he worries about being tall. Kim insisted that she and her sisters are just misunderstood workaholics.  They like to work; can they help it that “work,” for them, consists of club appearances, photo shoots, and regular trips to Miami?

Kim claimed that the family is careful not to commit to too many projects (read: endorse too many things). “We only take on projects that we love and are passionate about,” she insisted. (A partial list of things the Kardashians are, apparently, passionate about: vanilla cupcake mix; laxative-laden weight-loss pills; dubious debit cards; butt-shaping sneakers by both Reebok and Skechers; overpriced perfume.)

In another segment, the totally-not-overexposed sisters stood next to cardboard cutouts of themselves and pointed out which parts of their anatomy are real, and which ones aren’t. Kourtney expressed embarrassment at her uneven bustline. “This boob is bulging against and this one isn't,” she said in her distinctively slow, Valley-Girl up-speak.

Morgan also asked the sisters the million-dollar question. “If you were to come on [“America’s Got Talent”] and I was to ask you, honestly, what is your talent, what would you say?”

Alpha-sister Kim enumerated the many gifts she and her sisters share. “Marketing is a skill and I think that ... you know, fashion as well, each sister has been a stylist at some point.”

Morgan pushed for more specificity. “What do you put on your passport?”

Kim replied, “Sometimes I just write [something] really random and say 'teacher.'”

Teaching? Like, how random!

-- Meredith Blake