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'Survivor' recap: The best of the rest

November 25, 2010 |  6:54 am

99278_D1441bm[1] Well that was something, don’t you think? A clip show to be thankful for, how ’bout that?

There are just nine players left, and as usual around this time of the season, the producers take us back, back, back in time to catch up and refresh. But how awesome was it that the actual recap pretty much took place in the first five minutes of the episode –- before the title sequence? The rest was kind of like those old " 'The Real World' you never saw" specials: a bunch of new, unused footage that hardly serves much purpose but can further illustrate how or why something happened.

Most interesting is how much more of someone’s personality you can see. Like our good ol’ friend Jimmy T., who was always sooo eager to step up, somehow. We learned that on Day 1, the older men already were arguing over how to set up the Espada tribe’s shelter. You could see how he felt left out right from the get-go, not being heard over little things and keeping his mouth shut when that’s not him at all.

Funny how, while all that early conflict was going on in Espada, NaOnka was complaining about the immaturity of her La Flor tribemates. Espada’s shelter ended up falling apart, but Na was right when saying, “I just know their women are over there weavin’ it up.”

We also learned that, although Fabio is playing dumb to move along, he’s truly clumsy. Last night, we saw him hit his head on the shelter roof, step on a thorn and mess with some bees before falling from a tree. But it all helps his dummy strategy.

In case we forgot how crazy Holly was at the beginning (she did steal and bury Dan’s $1,600 shoes), the producers showed us clips where she was at one point very confident there would be another twist in the game where the “city kids” would join Espada. Or something. And Jimmy T. politely listened before Holly turned her back, when his eyes widened for the camera.

Later, we were shown that Na became emotional and told Holly she loved her while confessing about stealing the flour, saw how Sash had been making “end-of-the-game” deals with everyone and learned that at least Benry saw what a complete waste of space Kelly Purple was. But most entertaining was seeing how much more slick Jane was than we thought. We already saw her hide away in the woods to cook and eat her own fish. But what we didn’t know was how, when she couldn’t get a fire going, she went back to camp and distracted the others to take some embers from the campfire back into the woods. Amazing.

That’s about it. Oh, wait … they showed a certain player yet again with the immunity necklace around that individual's neck when that person shouldn’t have, just like last week. And in this clip, that player was vehement that another player go home next. After viewing the sneak peek of next week’s episode, Na and Kelly Purple appear to be at each of their respective breaking points. So here’s to seeing it all play out. Tell me anything you saw that I might have missed, share any other thoughts you have on the season so far, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving, amigos!

— Anthony Williams

Photo: all 20 castaways of the current season of "Survivor." Credit: CBS


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