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About (Late) Last Night: Tina Fey brings back Sarah Palin [video]

November 4, 2010 |  6:24 am

Tina Fey's commentary on Tuesday's midterm elections didn't have anything to do with a candidate. "I didn't really follow the election because I've been working," Fey admitted to David Letterman on the "Late Show" on Wednesday. "Well, last night they sent America a message," Letterman deadpanned. But it was Fey who really channeled the Right.

"How 'bout that, um, Sarah Palin? How's that thing working out for you?" Letterman asked. "Oh boy, there'll be no living with her now," Fey joked, far from character. But she could smell it, and so she was teasing the audience.

"I don't really look like her, but I wish I did," Fey said. The crowd giggled. "Maybe you think I do," she said. "She's got a better face." And she inched closer.

You could see Fey entering a zone. She shook her head with attitude and clenched her jaw. "She's extra sassy these days," said Fey, stepping into the Palin zone. Fey's cadence raised and letters started dropping. "'Cause all her Mama Grizzlies are winnin' and they're bustin' through that glass ceilin'. And the Mama Grizzlies are goin' to Washington." (It was almost "Warshington.") "And they're gonna flip your picnic table, Dave. And they are gonna go through that garbage. You're gonna have to tie your food to a tree." Far from rusty, she nailed it.

"I just ... I don't ... I wish I knew, but I don't know ... I just can't figure out quite," Letterman stuttered. "You know what I mean?"

But Fey wasn't done. On Fox News, she noticed, "they address her as Gov. Palin, which is like calling me 'Dairy Queen employee.' I was once, but I quit," she said. And it wasn't so much a tired rehashing as an inspired revitalization. Palin, for better or worse, has staying power.

-- Joe Coscarelli