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About (Late) Last Night: Jenny McCarthy alienates her chubby male fans

October 21, 2010 |  6:18 am

Jenny McCarthy's new book, "Love, Lust & Faking It," is currently No. 3 on the bestseller list, she bragged last night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Kimmel surmised that she must have sold more books than "any other Playmate of the Year, ever." And boy is she proud.

"You smell very nice," Kimmel said. "Don't I?" McCarthy shot back. It was pretty much like that.

McCarthy sauntered in seductively, wearing a long, black getup with a shiny, blown-out mane and got quite the kick out of playing up the character of the cocky blond bombshell -- with a bestseller. "My English teacher can go to hell, who failed me," McCarthy said. Perhaps she still needs a little practice with the ol' sentence structure, but again, the bestseller list! That's swell.

"I have the most eclectic group of fans," McCarthy continued, praising "the most awesome group of mommy warriors" but chiding the "50-year-old sweaty perverts that still live with their parents." But Jenny, who was there first?

The author went on to speak incredulously of her own dating past, remembering the schlub she called "the Teletubby," because he was big and hairy. According to McCarthy, the man lived in a shed atop a pile of blankets, surrounded by raccoons. "I'm laying here going, 'I'm kinda hot,' " McCarthy said, asserting her dominance again. To her credit -- and to justify the teasing -- she said he was also a jerk. "I'm open to all men!" she promised.

"I will date chubby, hairy guys," McCarthy assured. "If they're nice." Make fun of them, sure, but she wouldn't want to completely alienate any paying book fans. To be a bestseller, it takes a village.

-- Joe Coscarelli