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TCA Press Tour: Can MTV make 'Teen Wolf' stand out from the other cute werewolves in town?

August 6, 2010 |  4:33 pm

Does the world need another supernatural drama about teenagers who happen to have pretty faces and sharp teeth? MTV clearly thinks so, rebooting the '80s movie “Teen Wolf” as a sepulchral drama series, directed by video pioneer Russell Mulcahy (the man behind “Video Killed the Radio Star” and “Hungry Like the Wolf”).

At the TV Critics press tour, executive co-producer Jeff Davis promised that it’s “not your father’s Teen Wolf,” suggesting that the supernatural element is just a “metaphor for  transformation” and adolescent animal instinct.

Tyler Posey has been cast as the “wolf” in this version, a lacrosse player who quickly discovers he has extraordinary reflexes, intensified senses -- and of course sex appeal. “One of his powers is to attract girls, I guess,” said Posey, noting that his incarnation is a “sexier, sleek werewolf.... It’s not as hairy as the original, but it gives a much darker and new feel to this wolf.”

Vampire and werewolf shows seem to be popping out from under every rock this year, but Davis says the paranormal is only really welcome on cable. “Networks sci-fi shows are constantly being told, make it less sci-fi.”

As for why they decided to remake a movie that has become something of a camp joke that has little or no resonance for MTV’s young target audience, Davis cited “Battlestar Galactica,” one of the most successfully rebooted TV shows of all time. MTV president of programming Tony DiSanto added, “It’s very MTV, the idea of taking a brand like that and turning it on its head.” The show is scheduled to premiere in early 2011.

-- Joy Press