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'The City's' Whitney Port: Home alone

July 7, 2010 |  6:43 am
The-city-mtv-whitney-port Whitney Port’s apartment must feel a bit bigger on “The City.” Roxy Olin made good on her promise and, like Elvis, she left the building. Meanwhile over at Elle, Olivia Palermo seems allergic to Whitney’s line, and Erin may have found a new way to oust her.

Didn’t this feel like Part 1 of a two-part finale? Sure, Roxy moves out, but the rest of the episode seemed to be the setup for an epic finale in the next episode, no?

Roxy hits the road
I don’t think any true “City” fans doubted this was going to happen. Roxy needs something of her own, and moving may be the right step toward that goal. What was striking about it was just how cold the two friends were to each other as the episode unraveled. Roxy took Whitney’s statement about her moving out to heart and basically hit the streets looking for an apartment. When she found one that was around $4,000 a month, she went to her dad, “Brothers & Sisters” producer and actor Ken Olin, for the necessary funding. He basically told her he wouldn’t support her any longer unless she returns home (and pays her way by walking the dogs). Despite her dad’s attractive offer, Roxy decided to move out anyway and crash on Sam’s couch while she continued looking for an apartment.

The-city-mtv-roxy-olin-whitney-port-kelly-cutrone Fairly straightforward, right? Thank God that Kelly Cutrone was around to spice things up. She could care less that they were fighting, but they sure as hell weren’t going to do it on her dime or at the charity fashion show they attended later in the episode.

In the next episode, I suppose we’ll see if Roxy ends up in her own pad or if she’s still crashing at Sam’s. What’s more interesting is that Whitney continues alienating those who helped her get to where she is. First Roxy, and now her mentor, Kelly. It seems she’s looking for new representation for her line and may leave People’s Revolution. Anyone who follows Whitney in the off-season knows the final result. But we all wondered how it would go down and how her longtime champion would deal with Whitney’s latest move.

The-city-mtv-erin-kaplan-seth Will Olivia say sayonara?
So, it seems that Whitney designs clothing that are invisible to some people. Namely Olivia. After Erin had her send some pieces over for a shoot with “Twilight’s” Ashley Greene, Olivia acted as if they didn’t exist. That’s not exactly true. While Joe Zee and others raved about Whitney’s line, Olivia tried her best to avoid using the pieces in the shoot at all. I love how Erin and Joe flashed smiles at each other as if they both knew what Olivia was pulling (or not pulling). In the end, Joe was able to slip a jacket on Ashley right before her on-camera interview with Olivia. Even still, Olivia tried her best not to acknowledge the jacket even as she fawned over every other piece the actress was wearing.

Before the shoot, Olivia told Joe she had an opportunity to shoot in Japan. Even though he was against her leaving during a very busy season for the magazine, her pitches bought her a maybe. When news got back to Erin and the accessories assistant, Seth, their reaction was akin to that of Pavlov’s dogs. The opportunity to have Olivia out of the office means that they could prove how useless she is. Remember a few episodes ago when I called on Seth to pick a side? Well, the newest idea was his. Attaboy! What great timing, huh?

Do you think Erin can pull off her new plan in the few days Olivia is in Japan? And what’s your take on Whitney’s behavior lately?

-- Jethro Nededog


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Upper photo: Whitney Port watches Roxy Olin walk away. Credit: MTV

Middle photo: Kelly Cutrone puts a stop to Whitney's and Roxy's bickering. Credit: MTV

Lower photo: Erin Kaplan and Seth plan their attack on Olivia Palermo. Credit: MTV