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'The City': All hail Erin Kaplan

June 9, 2010 |  9:30 am
The-city-mtv-erin-kaplan In this episode of “The City,” Whitney Port bounces back from some harsh criticism and Erin Kaplan’s plan to oust Olivia Palermo from her reporting gig gains momentum.

Whitney and Roxy: All grown up
After the last episode when Whitney suffered a scathing review of her fashion line at the hands of Elle’s Joe Zee and Anne Slowey, things turned for her in this episode. Kelly Cutrone hooked her up with a meeting with Maybelline. At first, I thought the company wanted to place her clothing in their commercials. We come to find out that they’re sponsoring Miami Fashion Week and they’d like Whitney to show.

There were a couple things I appreciated about Whitney in this episode. First, she bounced back from the Elle criticism and actually began incorporating their suggestions. And second, she’s definitely being much more bold when it comes to selling herself and her line. Did anyone notice she referred to the line being designed for “her girl” rather than herself and her friends? Anne had a field day in the last episode with that one.

The-city-mtv-roxy-olin-kelly-cutrone There were so many times that Roxy was really on her game. She volunteered to assist Kelly on the fashion show and Whitney backed her, then she followed through. I loved when Whitney and Samantha were going to the Charlotte Ronson show and Kelly asked Roxy if she wished she were going. Roxy replied, “I’d rather be doing this.” Good answer! She then went to the show and allowed herself to be the student. Our girl is all grown up.

Erin’s evil awesome plan
Erin began setting into motion her plan to oust Olivia as Elle’s fashion reporter in the last episode when she met with Louise Roe. This week, she let Olivia do most of the work. Or should I say she let Olivia not do the work. First, she failed to get an interview with Marc Jacobs. Didn’t you feel so sorry for the cameraman who was just left twiddling his thumbs while Olivia schmoozed inside? Then, she was totally unapologetic about wasting his time.That was the first nail in Olivia’s coffin. Then the Badgely Mischka show rolled around and Olivia was nowhere to be found. Wasn’t it hilarious when Joe asked Erin if Olivia had called her? She didn’t even answer. She just laughed.

The-city-mtv-joe-zee-erin-kaplan So when Olivia told Joe she had overslept, Louise was there for the taking. Joe enlisted her to jump in and do the interviews. That was the second nail in Olivia’s coffin. Finally, Erin took the hammer and banged that last nail in. She went to editor-in-chief Robbie Myers directly and told her it was time to replace Olivia. Robbie took her at her word and said she’d make a call. A round of applause for Erin!

Oh, and I have to quickly mention the most amazing twist: Louise used to date Freddie Fackelmayer. Did you ever think you’d hear that name again?

Do you think Olivia will be able to save her job?

-- Jethro Nededog


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Photos, from top: Erin Kaplan's face is full of disgust for Olivia Palermo; Kelly Cutrone shows Roxy Olin the craft behind the perfect runway show; Joe Zee and Erin wonder why OIivia hasn't showed up yet. Credit: MTV