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Betty White makes the talk-show rounds -- and flirts with overexposure

June 15, 2010 |  8:33 am

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Betty White
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You might have missed it, but Monday was National Betty White Appreciation Day. Everyone's favorite octogenarian showed that she can make the promotional rounds just as well as the young folk, appearing on "Good Morning America," "The View," and "The Daily Show" to plug her new show, "Hot in Cleveland," which premieres Wednesday night on TV Land.

Her "GMA" segment began with a fawning montage, and she chatted with George Stephanopoulos about losing Rue McClanahan, how she "didn't know what Facebook was" before the campaign to get her on "Saturday Night Live," and how a diet of french fries and hot dogs keeps her young. The latter talking point gave the morning show clowns the opportunity to end the segment by bringing out a tray of fries and dogs for breakfast -- it was a bit much, both in terms of calories and cuteisiness. But there was more to come.

Over at "The View," there was further talk about McClanahan and not knowing what Facebook was (love you, Betty, but we're getting a bit tired of that joke). It being "The View," the segment wasn't without its unintentional amusements. Sherrie Shepherd started off talking noticeably louder and slower, as if she needed to do so to accommodate her mature guest. Joy Behar brought up Larry King's ongoing career, in an awkward, unfortunate attempt to connect two old people who are still working. Then Whoopi Goldberg asked White what she thought of reality TV shows. White responded by saying "they're not my favorite," before the women all got in on a round of complaining about this reality TV thing.

On "The Daily Show," the White worship continued with the crowd chanting "Betty, Betty," as she came on stage. Jon Stewart told her he was worried about all her recent successes overwhelming her and leading to a "Britney" phase. White responded by saying, "I'm fine, I'm absolutely fine," and doing her best Spears-in-headlights impression.

It was a small gem, one of White's funniest, freshest moments in a day that revealed that, just as she can keep up with her younger counterparts, so can she suffer from the same promo-treadmill staleness and overexposure.

-- Hailey Eber


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