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The 'Lost' weekend: Too early farewells

May 9, 2010 |  9:55 pm

Hurlers  As you could probably expect, the big event for "Lost" fans this week was being sad for the loss of Jin, Sun and Sayid. (Well, those three and Frank Lapidus, but my vigil for that last one has been pretty lonely.) The sudden, shocking deaths of the three should have been expected -- after all, I think we've all been anticipating that this final season would feature a lot of death -- but that didn't stop much of the show's fandom from mourning the losses nonetheless. I think my favorite expression of fan grief was probably this photo of the cast from Season One, with the dead cast members replaced by what appear to be pencil sketches (probably created in Photoshop, but still). It was created by someone named Jacob and posted over at Crit Obara's place. Cool stuff.

Now, there's no end to the stuff you can do as "Lost" heads into its final episodes to commemorate those episodes, including attending this concert of "Lost" music performed live by an orchestra conducted by composer Michael Giacchino right here in Los Angeles. But if you just don't have the cash for that or if you live somewhere other than Southern California, you can probably check out this event with the executive producers to take place at movie theaters all around the country. The Thursday before the finale, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse (who Tweeted simultaneously about the end of the show here and here) will take to the stage of a theater in New York to answer fan questions, and you can watch in your very own local theater. Hopefully, I'll be attending, so I can give you a full report.

But that's not the only "Lost" stuff we have in store here at Show Tracker. If you thought three posts a week was way too much "Lost" content, you may be enraged by what's to come. Starting this week, we're going to be doing live chats before new episodes of "Lost," hosted by Patrick Day and myself and starting at 5 p.m. Pacific time every week. In addition, I've come up with five top 10 lists of "Lost" esoterica for you to look over, and the first one of those lists should appear Tuesday morning. If all of this makes you go a little nuts, well, you can always look at this instead. (Thanks to @mattroeser for the potentially embarrassing self portrait.) 

For more "Lost" chatter, check out my Twitter feed, where I completely broke the purpose of Twitter (starting here) by spending most of Saturday evening talking about "Lost," instead of doing other, more useful things, while preparing the lists. I ended up in conversation with a lot of you, and your interesting and fascinating thoughts forced me to sharpen some of my own arguments. There's lots of stuff in there I've been meaning to talk about this season but haven't had the space to consider so far, so consider this some bonus commentary. And for those of you who were not terribly wanting to hear about "Lost" all Saturday evening, well, I apologize.

But let's move on to my find of the week, thanks to Twitter fan @AbPow. You like those comics that collect images from "Lost," stack them on top of each other and give them funny captions? Well, now there's a whole blog dedicated just to them, and while some of them are pretty stupid, some of them are sublimely funny. It's run by someone named Maggie, and this one is probably my favorite. Or if you want one not from that site that attempts to encompass the entirety of the final season of "Lost" experience, you can do a lot worse than this one.

And with that, I'm off. I'll see you all on Tuesday for the sure-to-be-baffling "Across the Sea," and be sure to look for the top 10 list and the live chat earlier in the day.

--Todd VanDerWerff (follow me on Twitter at @tvoti)

Photo: Hurley (Jorge Garcia) didn't really think this whole plan through. (Credit: ABC)

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